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How Cyber Attacks Affect Your Business!

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By: thomassujain

May 7, 2018

Cybersecurity Attacks Affect Your SEO and Overall Business! Stay Secure Deploying Smart Security Measures!Every company and online businesses are aware of cybersecurity breaches! It can happen from revenue or reputation standpoint. And the result of any cybersecurity attack is the loss of business data, business reputation, and customer goodwill. And for online websites, it also affects their SEO.Today, most e-commerce websites are working towards better ranking like “Ranking By SEO” which is in anticipation of technological changes and Google updates. Hence, it’s logical that we give importance to website security as well. In the 21st century, the hackers are becoming advanced with their attacks. They can easily install dangerous codes and redirect your site to another. Cybercriminals can extract private information, like your social media profile data, credit card details and also delete your site entirely from search engines.Nothing infuriates users more than when they find out that their critical data has been hacked on your website. They blame your website security system for this. Also, they write about their negative experience in other social forums. All this, in turn, affects your SEO ranking and site performance. The Facebook Cambridge Analytica case is an example of this.The Facebook Cambridge Analytica FraudGoing by the records, Cambridge Analytica had collected information from 50 million users, which Facebook now claims can be 87 million instead. They created software which had profiled these people to forecast the voting trends. And using micro-targeted ads, they also doctored the voting decision of US citizens.The news reports claimed that Cambridge Analytica had collected this voter information from 'thisisyourdigitallife,’ a Facebook-linked app. Aleksandr Kogan, a CA member, had paid Facebook users using this app. The payment was in return for an in-depth personality test, which was said to be conducted for an academic purpose.In reality, this app had extracted personal information from those who had taken this personality test. It had also linked the individual’s friends without their approval. According to Facebook’s Platform Policy, this data was supposed to be used only to improve any in-app experience. It shouldn’t have been divulged to any person.Google’s update on website securityThis update came out back in October 2017. As per this update, Google has started flagging web pages and websites that don’t have Secure Socket Layer as their primary security feature. SSL, i.e., Secure Sockets Layers is a security protocol that makes sure information passing between a browser and web server stays secure from hackers. This data can comprise of anything from financial data, business details, and passwords to other personal information.Since Chrome occupies 47% market share, this change has impacted Chrome users more. Also, 82% respondents of a customer survey done by HubSpot Research recently, highlighted that people would bounce off from a website which is not secure.It means that a business website that is not Secure Socket Layer secured would experience a loss of online users and potential customers. Do you own a website? Or have you been planning to design and launch your e-commerce site? If yes, then start making attempts to acquire a Secure Socket Layer certificate along with other security initiatives. As a business house or website, if you don’t show interest in securing online visitor’s data, then you will lose out on customer’s faith soon. By not being careful, you invite the attention of malicious hackers who take advantage of your site that’s vulnerable to data threats and attacks.Ways to make your website secureNo start-up entrepreneur or an established business owner would love to welcome a data theft! No one loves to lose their clients, business reputation and revenue. No one would like to get into endless loops of litigation management, not knowing when the circle will end.Do you want to ensure that your users don’t risk their private data while browsing your site? Here are few security measures you can choose.Secure your website with Secure Socket LayerIt is a necessary “to-do” that you shouldn’t avoid. So, opt-in for this and decide the certificate type and also the quantity you need.  Do you host content on several platforms, like sub-domains or domains? If yes, then you might require various Secure Socket Layer certificates.The Secure Socket Layer certificates are available in various ranges. Generally, it costs about $50 on a monthly basis. Remember that a couple of famous CMS providers already have Secure Socket Layer encryption. So, ask them first before going ahead and purchasing one on your own.Keep your website secured with other security measuresDon’t stop once you’ve acquired a Secure Socket Layer certificate. Here are four other safety measures you can deploy to keep your site protected.
  1. Make sure to update any extension/apps or plug-ins you’ve used on your website
    • Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for security loopholes. These loopholes are usually present in plug-ins, apps or extensions of an old version. Hence, it’s always better to keep these 3 updated and maintain tight security.
  2. Resort to a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
    • Hackers use a DDoS attack to take down a website. Such an attack happens when a cybercriminal overloads your server with traffic until such time it pauses to respond. It is when the hacker can have complete access to all your mission-critical data saved in CMS. With a CDN you can identify abnormal traffic increase and address it right away. It will avert a DDoS attack from ruining your site.
  3. Ensure that your CDN possess data centers in various locations
    • Just in case something unwarranted happens with a server, your entire website shouldn’t go on a halt. That would make your site vulnerable to an attack.
  4. Make use of a password manager
No business, online or offline loves to witness a cybersecurity attack. In this competitive digital domain, every entrepreneur is aiming for success and expanding the customer base. Falling prey to a cyber-attack owing to website vulnerabilities is like losing out of fruitful business opportunities and revenue. So, go ahead and deploy these security measures to steer clear cybersecurity attacks.
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