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ATSCAN: Web Vulnerability Finder

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By: bachan

November 1, 2016

Hello Everyone,It's time to scan for web vulnerabilities. As we all know finding vulnerabilities in websites is fun as well as profitable. We can get hall-of-fame notoriety and bug bounties.A tool atscan is going to help.  A clone is available from GitHub, here.  It is a tool that was written in Perl and developed by Alisam Technology.Alisam Technology has a blog article on atscan here if you would like more specific information about it.I have created a simple Python script for finding the admin login pages of the websites. Watch below:It is a Perl script for finding vulnerabilities in servers and sites, as well as a dork scanner.It contains:
  • search engine
  • sqlmap
  • xss canner
  • lfi scanner
  • admin page finder
Here is a demo of the tool:
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