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Apple's Battle for Privacy

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By: Rattar

March 3, 2016

apples_battle_for_privacy_rszRecently in the news, there have been many reports that say that the FBI is fighting Apple. FBI stated that they want Apple to create a backdoor for Apple devices to catch terrorists. The FBI even pressured Apple, but they responded with a public letter stating that they will not create the backdoor and there is a good reason According to the New York Times, Apple engineers are working harder on improving the security of the phone that would ensure that no government can break into a locked phone.  However, Apple's engineer stated that these security features were already in development before the  California attack.Although I haven't tested it, there are sites that claim that they could potentially unlock any iPhone by connecting an iPhone to a computer and having iTunes connect to a fraudulent iCloud server such as (which is icloud spelled backwards).Thanks for reading and I hope you find it interesting.
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