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Anonymous: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

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By: Brandon H

February 25, 2016

anon-cybraryAs anyone who's into the field of cyber security knows, there are many applications of these skills. Some people use them for their careers, others use it for self gain, and there are others, called hacktivists, that use the skills to do what they believe is benefiting society.There are many hacktivist movements, a large one being Anonymous, and they have different ideas on what they are doing and why.As Anonymous is the largest and most well-known hacktivist groups, I've decided to hang around them for a bit and see just what it's like for them. First off, they do not consider themselves a group, but an idea - a concept. I thought this was interesting. Another point I'd like to add is that not all Anons are hackers. The majority of them are protesters and activists, yet there are still some hackers.As far as their activities go, they are illegal, but not necessarily unethical. The members I hung around mostly targeted pedophiles on the internet, but they also managed several Twitter accounts exposing what they called "crimes against humanity." They seemed to have an organized effort in whatever they do; nobody has to do everything. Furthermore, their methods are not as complicated as you might think. For hunting pedophiles, their method was:
  • Convince them to click IP logger
  • Dox them
  • Expose them
  • SWAT them
On the matter of their political efforts, I cannot say I agree with all of them. DDoSing the websites of governments they do not like isn't right. I may agree with their views, but not their methods, in cases like this. DDoSing a government website simply gives them a bad reputation and doesn't help them spread their views in a good way.Overall, I have to say I'm neutral about Anonymous. I don't think they're bad people, because they aren't. I just believe they go about things wrong. - The opinions expressed in this post are held solely by the author -
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