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Amazing Resources To Learn Python

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By: nishan8583

August 5, 2016

Amazing Resources To Learn Python - CybraryI've been learning Python for about 4-5 months now. Before learning Python, I had no experience with programming languages. One of the hardest tasks for me was to find good resources to learn.Many people recommended the official Python documentation, which was OK. Personally, I found other resources much more helpful. Python is a pretty popular language, so I won't waste your time in describing what it is. (Just to be clear, I am not talking about a snake. But, I hope you like the image above :).Below are a list of resources which helped me a lot in the past months and I wish someone had told me about these before: 1> is my personal favorite. AND, I really, really wish that I had discovered this website before. This website does not just throw syntax at you, but rather tries to explain the basic concept of Python and programming languages in general by comparing Python with C and Java (which, in my opinion, a lot of people don't consider describing in their lectures/tutorials). It provides tutorials for both Python 2 and Python 3 . After the basics, it also covers advanced,numerical python, and GUI topics . It was especially helpful when trying to understand regular expressions. 2>The YouTube Channel <Computer Science UK>:This channel does not have a lot of videos, but does has some really really interesting ones. "The guy" really does a good job on making concepts clearer. The video "01 Data Structures - Queues (Python)" was especially helpful to me. 3> you have taken my advice (take it, it will save you a lot of headaches later) and have gone through the above 2 resources, then from this website, you can just start from the topic CGI programming. They also provide quick guide and references. It does not cover each topic in detail, but gives you enough to get started. Next, choose your own path. Make your pet Python do what you want it to do.4>The YouTube channel <Sentdex>:Another great resource from YouTube is the channel Sentdex. This guy is really helpful. TRUST ME. His Python tutorials cover a lot of topics. Since you're here, looking at this article on Cybrary, I'm assuming you have interest in computer security and will be recommending resources accordingly:5>BOOKS:i>Learn Python Network Programming by Dr. M. O. Faruque Sarker:  To learn about all things networking. Seriously, this book covers a lot of things.ii>Black Hat Python: One of the popular books that teaches you how to hack using Python. Beware: this book does not do a good job of clearing things up and you must be ready to do some research on your own. 6>VIdeos:i>YouTube channel (The new Boston): He has one of the easiest tutorials that describes making network sniffer using Python.> Security Tube Python Scripting Professional: This a lot more focused in computer security.>Cybrary's Python for Security Professionals Course: OBVIOUSLY 
I really hope that this article has helped you, especially if you're a complete beginner.Keep in mind these are own personal recommendations. Not everybody learns in the same way, and I encourage to find your own tools and share them.There will definitely be difficult times while learning, just remember not to give up.
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