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Advanced Techniques in Juliar: Allow and Deny Commands

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By: Rattar

November 9, 2016

pixamonitor-1356061_640*Juliar * programming language allows full customization, which means you can control which commands you can use and which are banned.Two commands that are essential to know:*allow_commands * and *deny_commands *With *allow_commands * you can list which commands are allowed to be used.With *deny_commands * you can ban commands which you don't wish to permit.If you want to use *allow_commands * for a particular section of the code and then allow everything. Make sure to pass in *unrestrict_commands * which will remove all restrictions!Reasons WhyThe reason you may want to use *allow_commands * or *deny_commands * is that they provide another safety layer for any kind of injection. Also, with this, you can make sure that your team-mates do not use banned commands!Managing TeamsThese commands also ensure that your team-mates do not use commands you've banned.Allow and deny commands are also useful for web servers since they allow users to execute Juliar commands on the server.
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