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Add Program to Windows "RUN" Command Executor

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By: obuntu

November 29, 2016

fractal_2-rszADD PROGRAM TO RUN COMMAND EXECUTORTher RUN program is a small program that is used in quick command execution, without going into the Command Prompt.  run1SECTION ONE: SETTING PROGRAM TO SET THE PROGRAM TO RUN, FOLLOW THESE STEPS:1. Start + E2. at the top click on "system properties"3. on the side bar click on "advanced system settings"asettings24. click on "environmental variables"envv35. click on "new "6. type the "variable name" of your choice, Note: command to execute the program7. click on browse as indicated by the picturebrowse48. locate the location of the program9. click ok, and ok again, to close the box



1. from your home screen (Desktop)2. press: Start + R3. type the name of the program (variable name) as in SECTION 1:6, in my own case I typed: notepad++


4. click ok... Please, leave me feedback in the comments, and post any questions you might have. Thanks!
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