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Active Manipulation/Reflecting Manipulation

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By: Engel User0

November 16, 2015

Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for the use of the following procedures. They may be used with good intentions. If they're used to damage or abuse, the responsibility lies solely on the user. This post is for educational purposes only.Manipulation can be used in various ways. It can be used in the cyber world and physically; I'll teach you how to use manipulation in the physical realm. Scenario: You suspect a user on your network may be stealing information.You have two options: check the log files or talk to the user.If the user is skilled enough, he/she would have been able to modify the log files and you'd have no evidence. So, you go and talk with the user, and they're giving you signs that they're lying. It at least would give you the hints to structure a plan to get hard evidence and take them out of the team.You're about to learn how to detect lies, and how to avoid been manipulated yourself. How to know if someone is not been truthful with youBody language, tone of voice.Focus on the eyes. If the person is making up a lie, his/her eyes would turn to the right side up/middle/down.This person is accessing the creative side of the brain. By that, we can infer that the person is creating a scenario to patch up/cover up his real intentions.Visual help from infobarrel.comOf course, this doesn't work with everyone. There are experts out there when it comes to manipulation itself. If the person seems over confident while denying it, they might be a liar. But, be careful to not confuse which side of the brain the person is accessing. A person who's not a liar would look to the left side, as they are remembering and connecting information to your questions. Now let's focus on the rest of the body.A person who's a liar is more likely to be in denial. This means that the person might cross their arms, legs and/or put on a strong face.An example is: You're asking the user what was he doing at 7:00 pm yesterday. The user instinctively would cross their arms without even realizing it. But, be careful as this can also mean that the person is uncomfortable talking to you. To avoid this, make it seem natural to ask the person how their day was by talking about some interesting topics for both of you to break the ice.Here's a picture. You can always refer to the Slideshow.How to spot a liar. How to become a manipulator yourselfManipulation is simple. You just have to use the other individual's emotions as a tool.How to lie: Look someone straight in the eyes and smile (but not too much). Trick your mind to believe that you're totally relaxed. This does not come easily and you'll have to practice.Here's something that I used to do: If I became uneasy with what I was about to say in a conversation, I would intensify the emotion I'm putting into words. How to make someone do something for youI use this most of the timeTell the person to do something for you, which seems like a lot of work. Then, turn it around and tell them you want them to do something else for you, which is not as big as the previous task.If you're having a conversation and you want the person to all the work, be the first to take action.Example: You have to design a website, and you don't really wanna do the coding. You can say "Ok, I will do the UX design and the visuals. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING BECAUSE THE PERSON WILL FEEL LIKE THEY'RE GETTING AN OPTION AND WILL BE LIKELY TO ACCEPT. Ask, "Do you wanna do the coding?" or "Are you fine doing the coding?" The person will feel this is more of a team approach, but in reality, you just don't wanna do the coding and will be polite about it. The person won't even notice.Another way that I use is seeming to be inexperienced and ask someone to teach me something. In most cases, they end up doing all the work. How to know if you are been manipulated
  • Be careful if someone offers you a compliment and then he wants you to do something for him.
  • Also, people use your emotional vulnerability at the moment to make you do something. Example:

- Engel, you seem down these days. What's wrong?

- I broke up with my girlfriend.

- Oh. I'm sorry about that. You should take a break outside. It will do you some good.

The person clearly wants you to be out of sight so he/she can do a they want.

  • Another example would be an individual who's really nice to you out of the blue. Be cautious - it could mean they're actually nice, but always be ware that they could be tricking you even more if it's unexpected.
 Some techniques for tailgating and getting informationTo tailgate through a locked door, you can easily run to who's going inside the door and say a name. Example: "HEY MARK!!! Oh sorry, I was sure you were my colleague." Then, while walking together, make conversation, which will likely make the person forget any sense of security in his brain. Being funny always helps.To get classified information, seem friendly first and never get to the point right away. Then ask: "By the way, do you know the password to the server room? The admin gave it to me yesterday, I wrote it down but I left it at the car. I don't really wanna ask him again as I'm sure he'd be mad." By sharing your sense of need, the person would feel guilty because you might get in trouble if he does not help you. Everything in the post can be used both ways, being manipulated or being the manipulator. Do good use of it. Good Luck! :) Let me know if you have any questions.
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