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By: ushi04
December 28, 2016

A Brief on Python

By: ushi04
December 28, 2016
ushi04 s profile image
By: ushi04
December 28, 2016
pythonPython is a scripting language and can be easily understood by everyone as it uses simple language. Its basic syntax is like all other languages such as C, C++, Java etc.. But there is something which attracts everyone to learn this language. It provides extra ordinary libraries and modules to ease work. I personally use python the most.Python comes with two main versions Python2 and Python3. Only some modules and some syntax are modified in Python3.Python can be used for everything like,
  • Networking
  • Web Development
  • Internet Protocols
  • Software Development
  • Desktop GUI and more...
Python provides some extra ordinary modules like:
  • os
  • shutil
  • sys (for handling your files)
  • socket
  • urllib2 (for Networking)
  • math
  • pi and others (for mathematics calculations)
Once you start programming in python you will love it. It's not that what python is not capable of what other programming languages are, but python makes some work easier than other languages.
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