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5 Ways to Repair Excel Files

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By: ankitsajwan90

August 26, 2018

How do we recover corrupted Excel files? How do we fix Excel files that are corrupted and cannot be opened? Are there any free Excel repair tools? These are some of the questions a user asks when Excel files get corrupted. MS Excel is a great tool from Microsoft that helps organize data, creating stats and analyses that are widely used in financial business. But if proper caution is not taken, Excel can be complex. Every application has its own limitations, and if they are exceeded, then file corruption can happen.

If you have installed third-party add-ons in MS Excel, or a tool is not correctly installed, then file corruption can take place. Excel users often apply unknown formulas to their data, resulting in loss of data. So it is really necessary to find ways to recover and repair .XLSX and .XLS files. Here are the top 5 methods that can be used to repair Excel files for free.

Repair and Restart MS Excel

Before starting this process, it is necessary to back up all the Excel files. 

  • First, go to Control panel and click on programs installed.

  • The list of applications installed in your system will appear.

  • Right-click on MS Office version and click on change button.

  • The MS Package repair wizard will open.

  • Select repair option and then click on continue.

  • Follow the next steps and complete the repair process.

  • Restart your system and try to open Excel files.

  • Your Excel files will open. 

Update Microsoft Excel

A common issue that prevents Excel files from opening is that MS Excel is not updated. So be sure that the Excel application is updated with the latest version.

  • Connect your system to the Internet. 

  • Download the latest updates and install them. 

  • Now restart Excel and open files.

Use Protected View to Fix Excel Issues  

  • Open Excel in your system and go to Files.

  • Now, click on Options, go to Trust Centre, and click on Trust Centre settings.

  • Click on the protected view tab and the dialog box will open.

  • Uncheck all the options and click on OK.

  • After that, click on File Block Settings and uncheck all the options. 

  • Click on OK and restart MS Excel.

Run Excel in Safe Mode

To check any errors in MS Excel, run it in Safe Mode.

  • Go to the start menu and type run command.

  • Once the dialog box opens, type excel/safe in run command and click on the OK button.

  • Check for any add-ins that are causing problems in Excel.

  • Disable the add-ins and click on the OK button.

  • Restart Excel to check if the problem is fixed or not.

Excel Repair Software

If there is any virus or malicious malware that is attached to Excel files, then the only possible way to recover the files is by using Excel Repair Software. The tool restores .XLS and .XLSX files with all the data intact, and the recovered files are stored in new fresh Excel files.

Excel Repair Software recovers all kinds of files and all the contents including bar graphs, worksheets, and cell comments. After completing the recovery process, the software generates a log report indicating the factors that were causing problems. Repair Excel files and recover data instantly with Excel File Repair Software.

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