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5 Tips to Prepare and Pass for the VMware VCP Exam

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By: Vikrant Saran

May 15, 2018

vmware-mountainThe adoption of digital workspaces is indeed adding value to the core businesses with a new outlook for the business approach and processes. As a known fact, a comprehensive end-user computing platform is the backbone of this digital transformation drive.

In this lane, VMware has witnessed a tremendous growth in India. The digital workspace solutions adopted by the major Indian organizations like the Malayala Manorama, MSC Software, Karunya University, Max Life Insurance, and, etc., have acknowledged the acquiring of new customers.

The main focus of this adoption is to gain:

  • Less investment cost and thus savings

  • Uninterrupted running of systems with no downtime

  • Quicker and easier backup and restore

  • Virtual labs creation with lesser physical space

  • Secure the sensitive data from unauthorized use

Evidently, more organizations are bringing in VMware technology into their business scenario. This also implies that there is a constantly increasing demand for VMware Certified Professionals [VCP].And, to scale up with the demand of the organizations, there is an increasing tendency among the professionals to qualify themselves for higher positions by earning certifications. In the verge of gaining VMware Certifications, accommodating the challenges of learning amidst the present work profile is challenging too.To help these enthusiastic and challenging professionals to prepare for their upcoming VCP exam, certain tips have been jotted down here to would make their learning process easier and faster.Tip#1: Download the Exam Blueprint

As the blueprint is an outline the whole program, a meager glance would give you the complete knowledge of the VMware course. This gives a clear picture in your mind from what you know so far, the next learnings and evolvement in the technology. This sets your mind to prepare for the exam.

Tip#2: Make an Outline of the Exam Objective

Making a spreadsheet with all the objectives will work handy for you. If it is uploaded to mobile too, then it’s an added advantage. You may rank yourself by scoring against the known and unknown topics.

This will help you make a time allocation chart against the days left for exam. You would automatically start accommodating study materials for the knowledge gap areas and thus keeping all of your resource materials ready on the table.

Tip#3: Allocate Separate Time for Lab

Creating your own lab apart from the attending sessions is the best bet to utilize the complete time in your exam hall. Every VMware product is available. SSD storage, RAM, and a VMware workstation will make a pretty and beneficial lab for you.

Tip#4: Use the Community

There are study groups and mentors available in social media too. You may get a lot of resources in the form of blogs, articles, questions and answers, downloadable videos, books, and, etc. further, new content is posted that will help you keep track on the new happenings.

You may post your questions too and receive answers from experts or other peers who have met the challenge in real life scenario.

In addition, it is recommended to take official VMware Training from any of the authorized Training centers available in the city. Or, if you don't want to pay money for courses and be able to sit anywhere while you learn, you can take Cybrary's free VMWare Course.

Tip#5: Relax

Of course, this should be the Tip#1. Be confident and relaxed. You already know the subject by experience. Just you are compiling it with extended learnings. Do not depend on luck. Just be relaxed, prepare, and attend.

Set a deadline for yourself by registering for the exam. You will unknowingly accommodate time to attend the day.

And, attending an exam is nothing new. We all have attended for years and years. It is just a matter of time allotment amidst the work schedule.

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