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4 Cyber Security Training Sites - Plus a Bonus

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By: djbobka

June 13, 2016

4 Cyber Security Training Sites - Plus a Bonus - CybraryI've always had a big interest in the IT field, but never knew how to get started or what to study. Over the past two weeks, I've used four websites:
  1. Cybrary
  2. Professor Messor
  3. Testout
  4. Transcender
 Going between multiple websites can really open your eyes and mind to different teaching styles and clearly reinforce what's being taught.
  • Professor Messor is also a free site like Cybrary with video taught lessons with live chats and webinars.
  • Testout is a paid site and it follows the CompTia A+ complete study guide, which is nice if you love reading.
  • Lastly, Transcender is also a paid site, but it gives you many practice tests and questions geared towards what you would see on the real exams.
 After studying for about a week and a half, I took my 801 part of the A+ Certification and passed, so I highly recommend these sites to study from!Thanks and good luck!SaveSave
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