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Have You Seen These 3 SonicWALL Functions?

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By: huntincj

July 7, 2016

silo-light-cybraryRecently, I took another SonicWALL clas and was shocked to see some of the functionality that's available to the smaller business with devices such as the NSA 220.Here are 3 functions you may find surprising: 1. Regular Expression (REGEX) Matching (5.9 and Up)This is particularly powerful for DLP if you host your own email server. You can set up App Rules that can search for Regular Expressions in email body, subject, file names and even file content.  You can roll your own or use the prebuilt signatures for major credit card patterns, United States SSN, Canadian SIN and ABA Routing Numbers.To set this up, Create a Match Object and add the expressions: And then, create an app rule to block or log any matching contents. 2. Baseline Your Network Traffic Using the App Flow Real-Time MonitorThere's a lot to be said about knowing what your traffic should look like. Using the Dashboard functionality at the top of the menu list is a quick way to get an in-depth look at your traffic.  Click on the Legends button to see what apps are represented in the graph. 3. Create a Quick Bandwidth Limit Based on Real-Time TrafficFor this to work, you have to set up Global Bandwidth Management.First, find source that you want to limit in the list of Applications, Users, URL's Initiators, or Responders in the App Flow Monitor on the Dashboard. Select the Source and then click the Create Rule button:Then, select the tier you want the application to fall into: That's it! Please post your questions/comments below.
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