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10 Steps for Building a Strong Cyber Security Culture at Work

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By: veronica90

August 8, 2018

Cybersecurity is something modern companies have to take seriously. It’s also more than just the stuff the IT department does behind closed doors – it all starts with creating the right cybersecurity culture and adopting the right software for small business.  To build a brand in the market, perfect cost-effective marketing strategies will need with internal security protocols in any organization.The truth about cybersecurity incidents is that they are all too familiar. More importantly, they are often the result of a simple mistake or misjudgment. It can just take a single person to use software wrong or forget the security measures, and your business can lose millions. Therefore, cybersecurity training is vital.Here are a few tips on how to train and nurture effective cybersecurity culture at your workplace.Outline risksWithout proper understanding and identification of risks, it can be hard to create a strong cybersecurity culture. Security risks come in many forms from using the wrong HR software for small business to allowing employees to use their personal devices to store data. Identifying your business’ security risks is important in solving them.Highlight the value of cybersecurity practicesEmployees might not always realize the risks or the value in following security protocols. It’s important to show the actual cost of cybersecurity breaches and highlight the importance of staying secure.Read Cybrary's post on Digital Resilience and why security should be a business priority.Integrate security seemingly with your procedures and tasksYou can’t have security measures interfere with the work teams do. If your HR department is not able to do its job due to cybersecurity measures, you’ve done something wrong. Integrating your security is important, and it means that security adds to the work people do, not make it more difficult.Choose software with the latest security featuresYour software is an essential part of keeping the business secure. Therefore, you have to choose products that use high-level security protocols, such as 256-bit encryption that banks use. Your data tools, like HR software, must have the highest encryption to ensure data stays within your business’ walls.Focus on integration with HR softwareThe reason your small business must pay particular attention when choosing human resource software is its importance in data management. Your HR software is going to deal with large numbers of sensitive data, and it’s essential this integrates seamlessly with the cybersecurity protocols. The best HR software for small business uses the latest security measures without hindering the functionality of the software.Start educating employeesCyber security training should be implemented company-wide. A good idea is to include it as part of the on-boarding process but, of course, existing employees should also receive training. When creating a system of security training, the most important thing is to ensure it:• Teaches everyone what to do to stay secure.• Shows the right protocols and procedures to follow.• Explains why following these methods is essential.• Highlights the steps to take if things go wrong and there is a breach.The last point is especially important because mistakes are bound to happen. The key is to guarantee your employees know how to deal with them to limit the breach’s impact on your business.Answer questions and be presentThe IT department and those in charge of cybersecurity in your small business have to be available to other employees. It’s important to create a culture where questions can be asked and answered. You want employees to feel free to talk about cybersecurity issues, no matter how silly some questions might be. It’s also crucial to be present and available – preferably face-to-face.Instill transparencyRelated to the above is the issue of transparency. You must be transparent about why certain policies are in place and what they mean for the employees. You don’t want to create a situation where the employees feel controlled or hindered without reason.Include everyone and show the personal value of cybersecurity awarenessAs mentioned, it’s important employees understand the value of cybersecurity to the business. But learning how to stay safe online is valuable to them on a personal level as well. It’s important to show this so that employees will remain safe on and off work. You also have to make sure everyone within the company is included in the practices and training.Check everyone understands the protocolsAside from merely explaining and training, it’s important to check that everyone is aware of what to do regularly. Creating a reliable and effective cybersecurity culture means that you’re continually testing how well employees are following protocols and ensure they know what is needed. By ensuring people understand everything regarding the right procedures, you can 'guarantee' your security works.Creating a strong cybersecurity culture won’t happen overnight, and it’s important to take the above steps to achieve it. Throughout the process, you must be open to learning more and changing the things you’re doing – security issues are always changing, so you have to stay on top of them.
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