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Incident Response Lifecycle

By: Adnan Khan
November 27, 2020
Incident Response is a process of responding to cyber-attacks and threats to IT infrastructure. It establishes a framework to minimize service downtime and accelerate the recovery process. This course focuses on collaboration and efficient communication between the stakeholders. It explains the technical preparation processes to detect, respond, and recover from a cyber incident. Practicality for this course: This fascinating ...

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Data Privacy

By: Gabriel Schram
November 27, 2020
Online data has become an increasingly valuable asset in the current state of technological advancement. Private data is seemingly leaked at every turn with little to no regulation regarding its collection, and features of new applications and products seem more like vulnerabilities. The magnitude of available data and capability for data storage has paved the way for advancing and widening ...

What Certifications Do I Need For Cybersecurity

By: Garrett Wilson
November 25, 2020
Cybersecurity vacancies continue to outpace qualified applicants as companies look to shore up network, application, and infrastructure defense. While companies are willing to "reskill" internal staff and look beyond traditional four-year degrees to find best-fit candidates, evolving compliance and regulatory expectations mean they're also on the hook to be choosy about who they hire. What's the result? Interest and ability ...

Best Order For Azure Certifications

By: Garrett Wilson
November 25, 2020
Step-by-Step: Unpacking the Ideal Order of Azure Certifications The right Azure certifications can boost IT earning potential and allow technology professionals the freedom to carve out their unique career paths. But with a growing roster of Microsoft cloud computing designations, how do IT experts choose which to tackle first, which ones can wait, and which ones require knowledge from previous ...
Want to be part of cloud security, but you are not sure how to start it? I have gone through an amazing certificate preparation course on Cybrary. It's AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies. This is a certification provided by Microsoft Azure. On passing the certification exam, you earn the Azure security engineer credentials certificate. Cloud security has become a key ...

How To Learn Artificial Intelligence From Scratch

By: Pierluigi Riti
November 23, 2020
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the main computer science fields that will yield staggering future generations improvements. At the moment, nearly every area where information technology is used has improved from strides toward AI. This brings the question, what does it take to learn AI?? This article provides a guide for someone interested in a path that leads to ...

The Most Important Cybersecurity Certifications

By: Garrett Wilson
November 23, 2020
In the Know: The Most Sought-After Cybersecurity Certifications Cybersecurity is indisputably important for organizations. From the multinational enterprise deploying advanced anti-malware technology and stopping sophisticated threats to the American SMB to protect staff and customers' privacy with robust detection and infection controls, it's no exaggeration to say that lacking cybersecurity substantially increases the overall risk... This protective priority for IT security ...
This blog was originally posted on cisco.com but has been reposted with permission by author. How do security programs prioritize their investment, resources, and effort? In the upcoming #SecurityOutcomes Study, Cisco used the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to understand this. Read more on this blog: I love it when data surprises me. In cybersecurity, we’re good at researching how things can ...

Web Scraping Tools

By: Nihad Hassan
November 20, 2020
Data has become the driving force in today's information age that leads organizations' focus in all industries. Being able to collect and analyze data from the web plays a vital role in any organization's success. Today, even the smallest startup companies generate data. Any business that owns a website, has a social media presence, or accepts electronic payments from customers collects ...

Why Computing Is Important

By: Elvira Napwora
November 19, 2020
Why are computing skills necessary in the modern world? Information Technology (IT) has caused an unprecedented change in the world and revolutionized our view of life. Since the onset of IT in the third industrial revolution and up to the current fourth industrial revolution, endless opportunities have been introduced via computers. IT has become an important part of every business. ...