Assesses knowledge of Splunk - an advanced, scalable, and potent technology for indexing and searching log files.


Contains questions on topics like Data Format, Events Searching, Running Splunk, Indexing, Data Sources, Linux usage, Data upload, etc. The test is useful for hiring Splunk Administrator, Splunk Consultant.

Introduction: The Splunk Test is a premium Cybrary skill assessment intended for students at the intermediate level. This skill assessment tests students on Indexing skills, building and maintaining Dashboards, and also Data Source deployment knowledge. This assessment will help students to test their Splunk Administrative skills. This is important to Splunk Admins, Splunk Engineers, and Security Analysts. Upon completion of this test, students will be able to achieve more confidence towards Splunk certifications and Administrative tasks. This assessment also helps a security analyst to gain more knowledge and additional concepts to make their daily tasks more convenient and reduce the dependency on an Engineer or an Architect.

Description: The Splunk assessment, tests students on skills such as indexing, maintaining dashboards and deployment and maintenance of data source deployments. The student will gain more knowledge on or prepare oneself better towards Splunk Admin roles and Security Analysts tasks. The assessment tests skills on: • Conversion of a XML dashboard to HTML • Analytics surrounding parsing of data which is required for indexing in Splunk. • Assesses Admin tasks such as event handling, using search effectively, and knowledge of querying in Splunk. By taking the Splunk assessment, the student will gain confidence in querying, indexing, parsing, dashboard maintenance, and implementation tasks. Knowledge of parsing data is important to understand the concepts surrounding indexing. Fine-tuning or managing the search queries impacts the weight on the tool, so this is an important concept for a Splunk Engineer to master. Whereas creating, maintaining, and fine-tuning a dashboard is required for presentation, quick daily lookups, and updates. These skills are important for a Splunk admin and Security Analyst working in MSSP.

Conclusion: The Splunk Assessment for Intermediate is presented by Cybrary and was created by iMocha. This assessment develops or tests knowledge on Splunk Administration tasks. This assessment would be beneficial for students on the SOC Analyst and Security Engineer career paths. On a daily basis, knowledge on running Splunk queries, handling the threshold of the tool, deploying data sources, working on indexes, making the dashboards and reports presentable and easy to read, are the tasks and responsibility of a SOC Analyst or a Splunk Admin. This assessment is important for Splunk Administrator, Splunk Engineer, and Security Analyst roles.

Click on Splunk Assessment, Intermediate to assess one's Splunk knowledge and learn Splunk Administration tasks such as data source deployments, indexing, querying, maintaining, and using dashboards in Splunk.

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