Skill Assessment - Project Management

Project management is the fundamental practice of planning, initiating, executing, and improving the work of a team or an individual to achieve specific goals within a specific time frame. Assess your knowledge with Cybrary's Project Management Skills Assessment.


What is the Project Management Skills Assessment?

This Project Management skills assessment is a premium Cybrary assessment created by iMocha. It is intended for learners at the intermediate level. The Project Management test consists of multiple-choice questions and takes about 20 minutes. It's an effective resource for helping candidates prepare for job interviews for project management positions as well as project management certification exams offered by the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI).

The exam targets an individual’s basic knowledge of project management, including stakeholder management, risk management, communication management, written communication, and analytical thinking skills. The assessment verifies a candidate’s competency in identifying system performance measures that are based on the goals of the system as well as objectives required for system performance improvement.

Project management team members must have the ability to work with other managers and product owners, ensuring services are balanced, prioritized, and customer satisfaction requirements are met. Having these skills means candidates can conduct a needs analysis to discover opportunities for new business processes. These skills are essential to becoming an effective project manager. Using the project management assessment test, employers are able to identify potential candidates who already have the management and technical skills they are looking for.

How Does the Test Assess Project Management Skills?

This assessment focuses on determining an individual’s knowledge of project management. Although taking the assessment isn’t designed to develop new skills, it helps employers gain a better understanding of individuals’ project management skills. The best practices covered in the exam are critical to successful project management in IT and information security projects.

The project management skills assessment covers topics in identifying system performance measures based on the goals of the system as well as objectives required to improve system performance. This skill is essential for the roles of Project Managers, Technical Project Managers, IT Project Managers, Program Managers, IT Program Auditors, and Product Support Managers.

The assessment also covers topics related to working with other managers and product owners, ensuring services are balanced, prioritized, and customer satisfaction requirements are met on organizational projects. Project Managers, Technical Project Managers, IT Project Managers, and Product Support Managers all need these skills to be successful.

Additionally, the test covers topics that relate to developing the ability to conduct a needs analysis and discovering opportunities for new business process solutions. This skill is important for the Project Manager, Technical Project Manager, IT Project Manager, Program Manager, and Product Support Manager work roles.

By completing the project management assessment, candidates and employers will better understand their knowledge about the project management platform. The assessment also identifies any weaknesses in a candidate’s skill sets allowing hiring managers and recruiters to easily determine which candidates are best for their project management positions.

Find a Qualified Project Manager with Cybrary’s Project Management Skills Assessment

The Project Management assessment is presented by Cybrary and was created by iMocha. It assesses candidates’ skills and abilities as they relate to the project management field. This assessment helps employers, hiring managers, and recruiters evaluate candidates’ expertise in leading a project team as a project manager. Candidates can identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in their project management skills, knowledge, and abilities. Hiring managers can choose the best project managers for their organizations’ needs quickly, easily, and in an unbiased manner.

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