The OWASP Online test is a premium Cybrary assessment test created by iMocha. It is intended for students at the Intermediate level. This assessment helps the student to test their OWASP guideline knowledge while implementing IT security systems.


####Description The OWASP Online test will help to assess student’s knowledge in OWASP security risks, and security guidelines. The topics include OWASP Top 10 risks like injection, broken authentication, sensitive data exposure, XXE, broken access control, security misconfigurations, XSS, insecure deserialization, etc. Other security attack topics like resource injection, CSRF, directory traversal, file injection, dynamic code injection, LDAP injection, and Heap/Buffer overflow are also included in the test. The topics regarding security guidelines include input validation, mitigation techniques, identification of vulnerabilities, code review, output encoding, hashing, encryption, android/iOS security, and regex filtering.

####Quick Info

  • Skills: OWASP attacks and guidelines
  • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • * Work roles: Information Security Analyst, Information Systems Security Developer, Security, Secure Software Assessor, Software Developer, Security Architect

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