Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure Test is a premium Cybrary assessment created by iMocha. The exam will gauge the candidate's Azure skills with a focus on Storage and App services, and Azure SQL.


Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure used for building, implementing, and managing services and applications via a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft. It provides both IaaS and PaaS services and supports various tools, programming languages, and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.

The Microsoft Azure assessment test is designed to help recruiters and hiring managers evaluate a candidate's ability to work with Azure before an interview. The exam, created by subject matter experts at iMocha, gauges candidates’ Azure skills and knowledge so organizations can hire the best candidates for specific job Azure-related roles.

What is Covered on the Microsoft Azure Assessment?

The Azure online assessment test provides recruiters with intelligent and powerful insights that will help them find the candidates that possess the skills they are looking for, including:

  • Proficient knowledge of SQL
  • Ability to implement services and applications on Azure clouds
  • Familiarity with Azure storage concepts like Azure tables, Blob, and SAS policy
  • Excellent experience in migrating on-premises data to Azure cloud
  • The Azure assessment consists of 15 questions, which must be answered within 30 minutes. The questions may be multiple-choice questions, multiple-answer questions, true or false, fill in the blank, audio/visual, coding simulations, descriptive, etc.

    Who Should Use the Microsoft Azure Assessment Test?

    The Microsoft Azure assessment can be used by both individuals and organizations. Individual learners can take the assessment when considering promotions or job opportunities that require specific Azure knowledge to determine their strengths and weaknesses related to the Azure platform and framework.

    Organizations can use the Microsoft Azure online test to assess the skills of candidates prior to the interview process. This pre-employment screening is essential when recruiters have a required skillset for open positions. It not only streamlines the whole hiring process but also provides the following benefits:

  • Saves time and expense of finding candidates who already have the required skills and knowledge before interviewing begins
  • Allows the selection of the most qualified applicants with the best talent in an unbiased manner
  • Identifies gaps in knowledge of current employees so further training can be offered
  • Continually improves organizational capabilities through effective hiring decisions
  • Find a Microsoft Azure Professional with Cybrary’s Online Assessment Test

    The Microsoft Azure test is a valuable tool for companies who are looking to hire technology professionals with specific Azure technical skills. The online test measures candidates’ knowledge and provides accurate, unbiased data hiring managers can use to identify top applicants to interview. It ensures that organizations can quickly and easily find the right employees who meet industry standards.

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