ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

The ITIL Test is a premium Cybrary assessment created by Interview Mocha. The exam is designed to verify the application and skills of ITIL candidates with a focus on release management, configuration and capacity management, problem management, and financial management for databases and database management systems.




The ITIL Test is a 20-minute exam intended for students at the intermediate level. Knowing the fundamentals of service management concepts within a network and the related ITIL standards will help you pass the exam. Students that have a basic understanding of incident control and ITIL’s Configuration Management Database and secure configuration techniques will find that the time given to complete the exam is reasonable. Completing the lab will help students develop skills in identifying, anticipating, and responding to performance availability, capacity, and configuration problems within a system as well as identify security issues based on data configuration analysis. These skills are essential for the System Administrator, Database Administrator, Security Control Assessor, ITIL Incident Manager, ITIL Configuration Manager, and ITIL Infrastructure Manager work roles. The test will also ensure students understand how to manage service level agreements and contracts, noting that the description of services and the measures for monitoring the service are accurately defined for customers, which is essential for the ITIL Process Manager work role.


Quick Info

•Skills: service management concepts, incident control, configuration management, secure configuration techniques, system performance availability, capacity, and configuration problems, data configuration analysis, service level agreements

•Time limit: 20 min

•Skill Level: Intermediate

•Work roles: System Administrator, Database Administrator, Security Control Assessor, ITIL Incident Manager, ITIL Configuration Manager, ITIL Infrastructure Manager, and ITIL Process Manager

What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a framework that standardizes the lifecycle of information technology (IT) services within an organization. It includes process activities for selecting, planning, maintaining, and delivering those services, including IT asset management (ITAM) and IT service management (ITSM). The goal of the ITIL is to improve efficiency and provide expected service delivery, ultimately aligning IT services with business objectives.

The ITIL framework specifies procedures, processes, checklists, and tasks that are not specific to any organization nor technology-specific but can be used by any organization to strategize, deliver value, and maintain a standard of competency. ITIL processes allow an organization to identify a baseline from which the company can plan, implement, and measure, so the organization's current processes can be optimized.

Why Take the ITIL Assessment Test?

Skill assessment tests are important tools for learners and organizations. Self-assessment provides useful information to individuals, including:

  • Identifying any gaps in ITIL knowledge
  • Identifying ITIL-related areas that need additional development
  • Determining overall understanding of ITIL best practices
  • Measuring ITIL skills to help individuals know where to begin with additional training
  • When an organization needs to hire new employees who already possess a certain skill set, pre-employment screening tests are the quickest and easiest way to do so. This online ITIL assessment test will benefit hiring managers, HR personnel, and recruiters in the following ways:

  • Saving the time and expense of identifying candidates who already have the required knowledge and skills, even before interviewing begins
  • Choosing the most qualified applicants in an unbiased manner
  • Identifying knowledge gaps in current employees so further training can be performed
  • Continually improving organizational capabilities through effective hiring
  • This ITIL assessment test is comprehensive, covering critical success factors for IT service continuity planning, service desk management, service capacity management, release management process, problem management, IT financial management, configuration management planning, and the ITIL maturity model.

    ITIL maturity modeling is a method that organizations use to as a comprehensive assessment of their service management capabilities. The maturity assessment indicates the organization's service management system level and ensures continual improvement practice by measuring key performance indicators. The organization's quantitative performance improvement level demonstrates that its service value system is data-driven.

    When is an ITIL Skill Test Important?

    ITIL assessments are helpful for learners before and after they take an ITIL training course. Prior to training, the assessment will help individuals identify areas in which they are already proficient and those areas where they need further training. Upon completing a training course, the ITIL assessment will indicate what individuals have learned and if there are any knowledge gaps.

    For many organizations, the ITIL assessment test is important for pre-employment screening when they are seeking candidates with ITIL skills. The online test makes it easy to narrow down candidates based on their skills, so only qualified individuals have to be interviewed.

    How is it Best to Test Your ITIL Skills?

    Individuals and organizations alike will benefit from the ITIL assessment test. Individuals who want to identify strengths and weaknesses in their ITIL knowledge are encouraged to use this valuable tool. Additionally, hiring managers and recruiters who want to hire employees who already have ITIL skills can utilize this online assessment test to pre-screen candidates.

    The ITIL assessment test is online and can be accessed anywhere there is a computer and an internet connection. The test takes about 20 minutes to complete and is rated intermediate.

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