Skill Assessment - IT Fundamentals

Assess your fundamental knowledge of IT via Cybrary's IT Skill Assessment including networking, setting up/managing infrastructure, managing application software, security, and more.


This IT Skill Assessment will help determine someones’ beginner-level knowledge of setting up and managing infrastructure, networking basics, software applications, security, and other foundational computing skills.

Why Take this IT Skills Test?

Nearly everyone uses computers for their work, school, and at home. That means that nearly everyone has at least some knowledge about hardware, software applications, and how computers work. For those individuals who a career in IT, having that knowledge assessed is important. Taking this IT skills test will let employers or teams identify what they already know and where to begin studying the fundamentals they don’t.

A strong foundation of fundamental IT skills helps ensure a successful start in a new job, and that begins with identifying existing knowledge and planning steps to learn more.

Who Needs to Take an IT Skill Assessment?

No matter which type of IT career someone wants to have, having the right foundational knowledge is essential. It’s the groundwork for all future learning, so it’s important to know if there are any areas that need additional training. That’s why this IT skill assessment test is ideal for anyone who is fairly new to IT or who needs to refresh their IT skills.

The assessment will let someone know what skills they have in various parts of IT, including hardware, software, and networking. Understanding networking concepts is essential because these technologies underlie nearly all IT activities. For anyone who is pursuing a career in networking, this assessment is especially important.

When is an IT Skill Test Important?

For individuals working in IT, it’s important to lay the groundwork for further studies by taking IT skill assessments that indicate strengths and weaknesses in their knowledge. The most important times to assess knowledge is before and after learning new skills. Before starting a fundamental IT course, a skill assessment helps students identify any areas in which they are already knowledgeable, as well as which areas they need more instruction. Upon completing courses on IT basics, assessments will validate what’s been learned and where there are gaps in knowledge.

How is it Best to Do an IT Skill Assessment?

Whether you are thinking about getting in the IT industry, or you’ve just started a new job, it’s important to know what knowledge you already have. You may be surprised at how much you know about computers and computing just from using them at work or school. The IT Fundamentals Skill Assessment will help you understand what you know, so you can make the important decision of how to proceed with your IT training going forward. This, and all of Cybrary’s assessment tests, is online and can be completed at your convenience. This IT skills test is a beginner-level assessment and should take about 30 minutes to complete. Click on the View button to get started.

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