Data Modeling

The Data Modeling Test is a premium Cybrary assessment created by Interview Mocha. This exam requires knowledge in the process of creating data models, analyzing data requirements, facilitating data gathering, and mapping out data structures.




The Data Modeling Test is intended for students at the intermediate level and has a 20-minute time limit. Having a base understanding of the database lifecycle and data warehousing principles and programs is helpful. With this foundation of knowledge, completing the exam in the time allotted is reasonable even if you need to doublecheck or research your answer before proceeding onto the next question. Completing the lab will help students develop skills in strategic thinking and predicting patterns from large data sets. It will also ensure that they can generate new and usable information into categories and subcategories based on data requirements, which is essential for the Data Analyst work role. You will also develop knowledge of high-level programming languages and using mathematical and statistical modeling techniques. These are important for the Data Scientist and Data Engineer work roles. This lab is beneficial to students on the Data Analyst career path.


Quick Info

• Skills: Creating data models, analyzing data requirements, facilitating data gathering, Mapping out data structures

• Time limit: 20 min

• Skill Level: Intermediate

• Work roles: Data Modeler, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer

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