The COBIT Assessment from iMocha evaluates knowledge of the COBIT information technology management and IT governance framework. This exam will verify knowledge of COBIT concepts such as risk management, risk assessment framework methodology, and information important to risk management.


This assessment is appropriate for intermediate students who have a basic understanding of COBIT. Students who have not thoroughly studied COBIT will likely struggle with the assessment. The results of this assessment will provide information about how well the student understands implementation of the COBIT framework. The assessment has 10 questions and a 20 minutes time limit. You will not be able to leave the testing window during the test. This assessment helps evaluate knowledge of risk management framework requirements, which is important for many work roles (see the list below). The assessment will also help evaluate knowledge of risk management framework assessment methodology. This is important for Enterprise Architects and Security Architects. This lab assesses intermediate level knowledge of COBIT. This assessment will require a solid understanding of the COBIT framework to do well on.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Effective utilization of the COBIT framework
  • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work Roles: Knowledge (requirements) - Information Systems Security Manager, Program Manager, IT Project Manager, Product Support Manager, IT Investment/Portfolio Manager IT Program Auditor, Authorizing Official/Designating Representative, Security Control Assessor; Knowledge (assessment methodology) - Enterprise Architect, Security Architect

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