IT Foundations

Are you just starting to think about IT and cybersecurity careers? Stop wasting time with other beginner courses. This path provides a basic overview of all the fundamental IT concepts you need to take your first steps towards a new cybersecurity career.

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Learn the foundational IT concepts essential to all cybersecurity roles, and stop wasting time trying to figure out where to get started. Too many beginners get discouraged navigating unreliable, outdated, and irrelevant information, making it feel impossible to know how to move forward. That’s why we’ve curated this IT foundations course, featuring thoughtful, bite-sized content from expert instructors who have helped thousands of other beginners grasp essential IT topics. Get ready to take your first steps into cybersecurity by diving into core IT concepts needed for any cybersecurity role.

Frequently Asked Questions

This path is for newcomers who are just beginning to explore IT and cybersecurity careers and skillsets.

This path covers foundational IT skills that all cybersecurity roles and job functions are built upon. You’ll learn key IT concepts and skills including networks, systems administration with Linux, and end user security, plus an overview of common IT and security job functions.

While the content in this path will fast track your progress, it’s designed to cover IT basics, preparing you for a deeper dive into cybersecurity skills. After completing this path, our Cybersecurity Foundations path is the next step on your way to your entry-level role.

No previous experience, knowledge, or skills are required for this path. All you need is intellectual curiosity and a growth-oriented mindset.

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"The knowledge and skills I gained with Cybrary helped me to land my first IT role as a Digital Field Support Administrator. Knowing that I have the Cybrary community behind me has been helpful as I continue to learn and advance my career goals."

"Becoming part of the Cybrary community was a total game changer. Cybrary was instrumental in helping me break into cybersecurity, despite having no prior IT experience or security-related degree."

"I encourage anyone I meet, who is interested in a career in cybersecurity, to sign up for Cybrary. There is nothing out there capable of getting someone as job-ready as this program."

"I love how Cybrary’s career paths include a series of traditional lecture videos, but apply the practical application of the topics covered as well."

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Focused on the core IT competencies that cybersecurity professionals need to succeed in any career path.