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Wollongong, or simply “The Gong,” as many locals affectionately refer to it, is a coastal city in New South Wales, Australia and is located just 51 miles south of Sydney. Wollongong lies on a narrow coastal plain that is distinguished by a chain of beautiful beaches and a series of cliffs separating the city from an interior rain forest. The city is well-known for its natural beauty and is a popular tourist destination.

The economy of Wollongong is focused on heavy industry and has a long tradition of coal mining. In recent years, the economy of Wollongong has expanded to include higher education, tourism, residential construction, and green energy production. Employment opportunities exist across these industries, but the number of jobs is limited due to the city’s smaller size – just under 300,000 inhabitants – and a lack of technology and financial industrial sectors. Wollongong cyber security jobs can be found with some searching and  IT professionals with the proper credentials are accorded priority.

Cyber Security Jobs in Wollongong

As mentioned, the economy of Wollongong is based on heavy industry and coal mining. Jobs in the IT and cyber security fields are possible to locate in Wollongong, but are not nearly as plentiful as in larger metropolitan areas within Australia. Many residents of Wollongong make the northerly commute to Sydney where jobs are more plentiful.

Living and Working in Wollongong

Wollongong is a very pleasant to live and its climate is a mild Oceanic one. Whether it’s enjoying the surf and sun along Wollongong’s long strip of beaches or hiking in the cliffs above the city, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. The city’s cultural scene is active and there’s always something going on during the weekends. Finding a job in Wollongong may not be extremely easy, but you can’t go wrong making it a stop on a tour of Australia!

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