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Washington DC Cyber Security Jobs

Washington DC takes the blame for a lot of what is perceived to be wrong with America, rightly as well as wrongly, but it’s a city unlike any other. As the capital and seat of all branches of the US government, DC is one of the most powerful and influential cities in the world. It’s recognized for its distinctive buildings and monuments typified by the iconic shot of the National Mall, which is anchored on one end by the Washington Monument and the US Capitol on the other. But Washington DC has much more to offer than just neoclassical buildings and a lot of hot air – both during the late summer months and also by Congress.

The creation of the District of Columbia was decreed in the Constitution and carved out of land donated by Virginia and Maryland, though Virginia took back its allotment in 1846 over a dispute over slavery, which became the central issue sparking the Civil War a few years later. Today, the city has a modest population of 672,228 inhabitants, but which swells to more than one million as commuters flock into city to jobs during the week. Traffic and congestion, both on the infamous Capital Beltway as well as on DC’s aging Metro system are legendary.

Despite commuter horror stories and a scarcity of affordable housing within the District, employment opportunities in Washing DC are numerous. Jobs are available with not only US Government departments and agencies, but also with the many contracting – prime and sub – companies that service the government. Many more jobs are to be had with private and non-profit organizations with offices in the District. Washington DC cyber security jobs are plentiful with both government and NGOs within the region.

Cyber Security Jobs in Washington DC

The Federal Government is a major employer in Washington DC and accounts for many of the jobs in the surrounding region beyond the District Line into Maryland and Virginia. A Federal Government job may not be quite as sought after as it once was, but it remains one of the few employers that still offers its employees a pension and other generous benefits. In a modern world where average employment tenure is less than two years, it’s not uncommon for government employees to spend a large portion of their career in a Federal position from which they ultimately retire.

The economy of Washing DC is diversified beyond the federal government to include many professional and business services jobs. The Washington Metro Area has had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation for several years running. The US Government accounts for about 29% of the region’s employment and a cottage industry of legal firms, contractors, non-profits, lobbying firms, trade unions, and professional organizations are located in DC in order to have ready access to the federal government. Some of the larger DoD contractors located in the region include SAIC, ManTech, CACI, and Lockheed Martin.

The Washington Metro region is an IT professional’s paradise with abundant employment opportunities at not only the federal government and private contractors which service it, but also with the numerous technology companies that line the I270 Tech Corridor outside of the District. Cyber security jobs in Washington DC are numerous. There are also several highly-renowned cyber security academic programs at the University of Maryland University College in Adelphi, MD and George Washington University in Washington DC.

Living and Working in Washington DC

The cost of living in Washington DC, while not quite as high as that of Silicon Valley or NYC, is still relatively high compared to the rest of the US. Affordable housing is difficult to find within the District, which has been attributed to the city’s strict height limits on buildings. Most people that work in the District live in the Virginia and Maryland suburbs and commute in either by car or via the Metro subway system. Congestion on the area’s roadways as well as on Metro trains can get quite high during the work week.

Washington DC and surrounding regions have much to offer in the way of culture, entertainment and outdoor and athletic activities. The region is one of the few that is represented by teams in all four of the major sports categories. There is a wealth of green space both within the city as well as nearby regions. The Potomac River is a scenic backdrop for the city and offers boating, fishing, and water sports and the National Mall is a popular place for joggers, Frisbee players, and sunbathers.

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