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In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert (SME) Kelly Handerhan discusses seven guidelines for virtual team building. These days team members may be local and/or global. There are similarities and differences in the skills needed to deal with team members at your site and those who are off-site. Handerhan discusses the following guidelines for Project Managers to manage their teams effectively: 1. The importance of the project vision 2. Recognition of individual differences 3. Tailored motivation strategies 4. Use of effective interpersonal communication skills 5. Different conflict resolution techniques for different stages 6. Offer suggestions to keep performance at optimal levels 7. Respond quickly to crisis situations You will learn: - how to deal with and motivate team members who are at your location and those who are virtual - how to keep team members motivated and focused on the project vision - the importance of creating an environment that respects diversity - how to foster a fair, sharing environment - the different things that motivate people – it is not always just money - how to understand non-verbal communication - determining the best methods for communicating with your team members - how to help your team be comfortable with conflict resolution - the importance of responding quickly to crises

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