Wireless Networks Types

Types of Wireless Networks
  • Frequency Range (Bandwidth)
  • Covered Area (Distance)
    • Radio and television
    • Satelite
    • GMDSS
    • Police and army
    • Aero planes (civil/military)
    • GSM
    • Bluetooth
    • Infrared
    • WiMax (WAN)
    • WiFi (LAN)
Frequency Ranges
  • Licensed band
  • ISM brand
    • Industrial
    • Scientific
    • Medical
  • Regulatory authority
    • Spectrum management
    • Quality monitoring
    • Rules and regulations
    • R&D
GSM: Global System Mobile GSM Generations
  • 1G
    • Basic voice service
    • Analog-based protocols
  • 2G
    • Designed for voice
    • Improved coverage and capacity
    • First digital standards (GSM, CDMA)
  • 3G
    • Designed for voice with some data consideration (multimedia, text, internet)
    • First mobile broadband
  • 4G and LTE
    • Designed primarily for data
    • IP-based protocols (LTE)
    • True mobile broadband
  • 5G
  • Wireless technology standard for short distances
  • Uses short wavelength UHF in ISM band
  • Personal area network PAN technology
  • Managed by Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • IEEE Standard 802.15
  • Susceptible to barriers and walls
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)
  • Longer wavelength than visible light
  • Short range communication
  • Used by Remote Controls
  • Susceptible to barriers and walls
  • Worldwide interoperability for microwave access
  • WAN technology
  • IEEE 802.16
  • Last mile wireless broadband
  • Competing with LTE
  • Managed by WIMAX forum
  • Provides triple play communication
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