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Benefits of Wireless Networks- Mobility

  • The biggest attraction towards wireless is mobility
  • So many mobility devices

    • Laptops
    • Mobile phones
    • Tablets
  • Enabling access anywhere

    • Corners
    • Corridors
    • Meeting rooms
  • Mobile VoIP phones
  • Flexibility

    • Ease of setup and change
    • Saving the wiring hassle
    • Enabling guest access
    • Allowing to work remotely
    • Freedom of operations
  • Scalability

    • Simplicity of expansion

      • Saves cabling
      • Saves connecting devices
      • Saves outlets in the wall
      • Ease of adding and removing machines
    • Capability of relocation inside the building
    • Less planning overhead
    • Scalable speed of connection
    • Connecting hard to reach areas
  • Enabling Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    • Variety of devices

      • Laptops
      • Mobile phones
      • Tablets
    • Ease of network establishment

      • Meeting rooms
      • Training centers
      • Offices
      • Canteen
  • Cost Effectiveness

    • Saving the cost of

      • Cables
      • Connecting devices
      • Outlets
    • Saving the labor cost
    • Saving building civil work

      • Walls
      • Floors
      • Ceilings
    • Enabling BYOD is cost effective

Wired vs Wireless- Mixing both technologies

  • Wired core and wireless access
  • Wired infrastructure must exist
  • Wireless offers better

    • Healthy environment

      • Avoids EMI
      • Electrical shock
    • Safe premises

      • Falling over cables
      • Cables mixing with water

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