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[toggle_content title="Transcript"] Hey Leo Dregier here. I want to check out some air crack tools in the way that they are setup one of the things that I want to do is setup air monitor-ng to basically on monitoring mode. So it is - what we need to do here is do a air monitor -ng tech age and that will tell us what is going on. So it is airmon ng start stop or check in this case it was to do a quick check. Airomon –ng check and then your interface which is wan0 is what I have it setup in this case that worked out, just fine. So never going to change it from check to start and it creates these additional interfaces here. WLAN0 and then monitors yours - so this gets setup. Now once you have that setup now you can go over to the IW config utility and then just hit IW config enter. Go to your monitor and see that this is set to monitor mode and that is going to allow you to start doing things like packet injection and things like that. Also you can use IW config for trouble shooting as you may need to come back to that at a later time. Nonetheless it tells you the frequency that you are on and some basic information. One of the things that I find most hopeful with any of sort of tool like this is actually just doing some basic research on the internet. We would start getting into the wireless pen testing world. It own beast - just like web application pen testing. It is its own beast. So don't be afraid to use the internet as your resources here. So specifically all I have done here is just check the IW config check to see that my monitor mode is actually the monitor zero interface is actually set to monitor here and that is a key piece of information. So right from the top air monitor -ng tack h check it. Start the interface - see that it is turned on and then do an IW config and just review that it is set to monitor mode and that is about it. It is relatively easy to setup but now once you run through this lab. This is great precursor activity that you want to do realistically before you want to start any sort of wireless pen testing. It is a quite sanity check so relatively easy to see if you are setup. Let us start doing some of the advanced labs and I wouldn't go ahead and do it. So thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video. [/toggle_content] The next Wireless lab in the Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking series introduces AiroMon. AiroMon is a Monitoring Mode utility.  It’s used in conjunction with the IWConfig utility to confirm your monitoring session is in “Monitoring Mode.” The AiroMon lab also demonstrates how you can begin analysis, testing, or packet injection for the penetration testing task you want to execute.
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