Windows Forensics Date Time Lab

The Date Time lab demonstrates a date and time setting utility run from the command prompt, a function typically exercised in system/network administration. It is syntax specific and you’ll observe a demonstration on how to use this utility set and reset the date and time stamps of the system. [toggle_content title="Transcript"] Hi, Leo Dregier here. I want to talk about a command that typically falls in the world of system administration but not to say if you're a hacker or a pen tester or someone in forensics that you won't use this utility, too. Um, it's basically the date and the time command Uh, so this maybe a, a trip down history lane here. So let's check it out. Um, date space, forward-slash, question mark. Here, you can see the format that it's looking for, so you can do a date, um, uh, space, forward-slash, T, and that will simply tell you the current date, okay, or you can do a date, and actually set it. Um, so if you just type it into the new date, and you'll notice down here, if you see the date and the time, I'm on January 13. So if I do – uh, the month is 02, the day is 02, uh, and the year is 02, hit Enter, and then go back down here to, uh, the time, you can see I've set – effectively set my clock to February, 2002. Um, so just to give you an example, that's how you would use that. Now the time command is going to work in exactly the same way. It's time space, forward-slash, T, and that'll just tell you the time. Or you can do a dash, question mark if you want the syntax. That'll tell you time, space, and whatever the time is. Or just simply type time, uh, and that'll tell you the current time on the system. So you can see I'm 1746. So enter the new time, 1546, uh, 06, okay? And then boom, that changes the, the time back to hours. Now you can see down here that it's 3 o'clock instead of 5 o'clock So little, little bit of review. Sometimes you need to review old utilities and the syntax of them before you can kind of go into new utilities. So thanks for watching My name is Leo Dregier, and I'll see you in the next video Don't forget to share, and connect, and write comments in all of the dialog boxes because this website's here for you. [/toggle_content]
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