Why is End User Security Important?

This module serves as an introduction to the End User Security Awareness Training and presents an overview of the subjects that will be covered in this course:
  • What is Cyber Security?
  • Why should you care?
Damages include financial losses; compromised data such as passwords and national security information; loss of reputation.
  • Know your enemy.
Know the three primary threats: highly organized threats (from organized crime, terrorists, nation-sponsored cyberwarfare, and corporate espionage); insider threats from corporate espionage, former employees, and insiders selling information); and common persistent threats (from hackers, individual thieves, and individuals seeking recognition).
  • What is your responsibility?
Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility, especially ) the security team, including Systems Administrators; 2) developers, who need to write code to ensure secure programs; 3) managers, who must ensure that new programs improve workflow and security; and 4) users, who use the computer and work with the data every day.
  • The ultimate goal of our security practices: The C-I-A Triad (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) -- the three things we are most concerned with when it comes to the information on our computers and networks.
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Module 2 PowerPoint notes & PDF version
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Additional Lectures:
Lecture Course Page
Lecture Introduction
Module 1 – What is Cyber Security
Module 2 – Personally Identifiable Information
Module 3 – Social Engineering
Module 4 – Emails, Links, and Attachments
Module 5 – Online Security Basics
Module 6 – Computer Best Practices
Module 7 – Network Security
Module 8 – Physical Security
Module 9 – Mobile Devices
Module 10 – What Happens Next?

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