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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, Canada, you'll hear Master instructor, It's Ibori in this video, we're just gonna talk about
the top reasons why instructors actually will drop. Of course.
So the number one reason for the majority of instructors I speak to you that I have to drop out of doing their course, it's gonna be time management. So we all understand that life happens, right? The kids get sick. Maybe your spouse has a surgery or something like that. You get busy at work. Maybe you're also going to school where you're trying to build a course. Plus, you're working.
Plus, you have a family.
So there's all these components there where life just happens.
The one thing I will say is that life always happens, right, and especially when we're trying to do something different.
What I've found that works best for me when I'm creating online courses is I'll go ahead and sort of map out my schedule, so I'll commit to a couple of days a week, so I may say, like, okay, Tuesday nights. And let's say Saturday's these are the days that I'm gonna focus solely on building this course
if I get to it in the other days. That's great. But otherwise I've definitely got these couple of days that I'm gonna work on the course.
And then the other thing that holds up instructors from completing the course is the fun kind of wears off, right to get all excited. In the beginning, you get excited about it, I'm going to give back to the community. I'm gonna help people learn. And then as you start building a course in the work gets involved, You're kind of you start kind of thinking like, Well, I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't do this. Maybe I can't do this.
You start to get that self doubt in your head,
and I just wanna encourage you that there's an ultimate goal. And always focus on that. That endgame, right? The fact that you want to give back or that you want to put this course out there to help build your brand, whatever the case might be even always focused on the ultimate goal that's really gonna help you out in a sw far is pushing through the process and actually completing your course.
So in this video, we just talked about the couple of the main reasons why instructors will drop out of creating their course and not finish those courses. Number one again. Time management. You really just have to sit down. Write out a couple of days a week that you're available to focus solely on working on your course for a set period of time.
And you have to commit to doing that no matter what. Even if life happens,
you have to figure out if, let's say your kid is sick. Maybe you have to adjust the timeto where you only can work from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. and you have to sacrifice sleep that day. Sometimes that's what it takes to actually be successful in life. And if you've ever studied for certification exams, you've probably gone through a similar process. So do the same thing here. Just focus on setting those goals
and then actually pushing through to achieve those.
And then if the funds starts to kind of feel like it's wearing off, just remind yourself why you're actually doing this in the long run. And, of course, it's going to be Thio contribute back to the industry and help somebody else learn what you one time we're learning yourself. So
when you're getting in those situations, you can always reach out to the cyber team. We're here to help you out. So one of the biggest things communication with your course. If you feel like you're not gonna hit those deadlines or maybe you're kind of getting that self doubt more happen to jump on a call with you and just talk with you through the process, right? So don't feel like you just have to abandon things. There's always someone here to help you.
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