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Hello on. Welcome to this Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, Training course. My name is Kristen Me Coat. I'm going to be taking you through this training today. With this video we are carrying on with Module one,
we're gonna be looking at what, actually is Microsoft 365 So let's jump right in, shall we?
All right. So, learning objectives for this video, we're going to be learning the actual components of Microsoft 365 So what What makes up Microsoft? 365 on also the value of marks off 365 Now, this is obviously in terms of the monetary value. You know what we pay for the actual product itself,
but also the value that comes with all of these things combined. And it's going to be the start of something that we carry on through
with these videos as well. So it's it's thesis some of its parts, if you will, plus the actual value the price to do with much off the +65 on. With that in mind, we're gonna also be looking at the subscription option names. Just so you're aware of them on how they name their products how Microsoft name their products
on. We're gonna be looking at basically that the new structure Microsoft, very recently renamed the way the office interacts with Microsoft 365
office 365 isn't actually a thing anymore. But I will explain that as we go on.
All right, so let's get cracking them. So, first off, what makes Microsoft 365? Well, that very much depends on the version that we're talking about here. There are versions for pretty much any position,
whether it's a business, you know, massive multi, that several 1000 people on tens of thousands of people in the business,
all the way through to our home environment, where it might just be a student, or even just to, you know, to use at home yourself. And these can all be accessed from a particular website, which I've put on the screen just here. If you also look for Microsoft 365 this will bring you to the same page. But if you just wanted to go there directly,
this is the link to do it.
We're gonna actually pop over there. We're gonna show it live on the screen, and I'm gonna explain a few things as we go along. Let's head over.
All right, so here we are at the actual Microsoft 365 website for for the products themselves. Now I'm on the business page at the moment, which is all well and good. Now they do have one for business and for home. Now we're looking at the business one because obviously primarily
marks or 36 fives, focus is for the business environment. So we're gonna get started there
now. The first thing that strikes you when you come to this page is that office 365 is now Microsoft 365 Now it's the same product. It's the same price they've just renamed it office 365 is actually no longer a thing these days
on what they've done is they've turned it from office 365
into Microsoft 365 APS.
So this was formally office 365 businesses. You can see here
now, These were all part of office 365 In general, they called them office 365 But Microsoft of going through a phase where they're looking to rebrand everything under the 365 name with Microsoft. So that's why you'll see this more and more as you go along now for business. They've got three sections,
So what they're doing is they're calling. The 1st 1 is 365 business basic
$5 a month, which is an annual commitment. So you can't just buy it for one month and then think I don't want to any more on Basically, what that does is it doesn't include any of the actual office APS they like Word excel, things like that. What they give you instead
are the Web and mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
so you can look into, I believe it's still at this moment office dot com on. And when you have your account, you log in with your user name and password usual credentials, and you can use the Web interface versions of these applications.
The services that are included as well is that our exchange
one Dr SharePoint and Teams, and we do go over these in future videos. It's just we're looking at the very basic sort of 30,000 feet overview in this video here, but those are also included in the basic
in the standard, which is what most people use. It's quite a jump in terms of prices. You can see here still an annual commitment marks or 365 Business standard. This used to be business premium. If you very used office 365 before they renamed it
Business Premium was prop pretty much the most commonly used
terrorists that they had.
Andi. From here, you can see they do have the office. APS included thes air, the desktop applications that we all know in love on that I use right now. Even this presentation is being done on Power Point, for example. But you include Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, publisher and access now publisher and access or PC only.
They don't support the Mac environments with those.
And then again, services included are exactly the same as the basic version. Exchange one Dr SharePoint and Teams.
Now, if you're no interested in the online aspect, let's just say you want the applications. Microsoft have done this, and they put it only includes the apse $8 a month annual commitment again, and you get all of the apse included. The only other thing that you get is the service for one drive. If you want to synchronize files
in a cloud environment,
so these are where they actually come into play and where most people, if you're gonna use it in a home environment, you tend to be using the apse. Now, obviously, this is for business here. If I do click on home, then we'll get the entire thing here where you can basically get the
effectively. These are the office 365 for personal use, but what they've done is they've they've separated them out into three different types. So
this was previously office 365 Home now home basically meant that it was more than one person who was using Microsoft 365 So you pay one price and you can. It says up here. So it's up to six people on a PC or a Mac, and each person can have up to five devices
that actually access the their licensing.
So it's quite a lot of devices that you could get in here and again. It uses all of the applications all included, as you can see there and here includes one drive and Skype as well.
Now, if you're just one person, and you just want to have it, You know just yourself. Maybe you don't have anyone else in your family. Or maybe you don't. You know, don't live with your family. Then you can go for the personal one instead. Now this is slightly cheaper. The value that comes from this one is massive, but, as you can see, slightly cheaper
on, everything is exactly the same. It just means that it covers one person.
Now that one person again can have about five devices. So it doesn't necessarily mean that if you have one person, it's like one desktop machine or one phone. You can have all of them connected.
Now. Some of you may not want that. And so therefore, you may remember that they used to have at the home and student traditions that they do. You have 2019 office, home and student. At the time of this video. It's one off payment, so you don't have to pay monthly or yearly. Now these are every per year type prices. This one here,
as you can see here, just says one time purchase.
Basically, you get word, excel and PowerPoint. Nothing else. it's really broken down.
It is more expensive. However, it doesn't mean that you don't have to keep buying it every year. Once you own it, it's yours to keep. And it's usually in the premise of having the files available by a digital download from office dot com whenever you need them so it doesn't matter if you need to reinstall your computer,
you can just log into your account
and it's there. You don't have to pay for it again.
All right, so those are the two environments that we're talking about in terms of home and business businesses are obviously they have, as you can see, much more online service type thing with exchange on one drive, we will explain these all to you as we go through. So bear with me. This is like kind of the overview off
Microsoft 365 But we will go into the nitty gritty detail as we carry on.
follow me back to the presentation on we will carry on and complete this video off.
All right, so here we are, back at the presentation. So we've gone through Microsoft 365 What kind of makes and what versions we have available to us, where they were in a home or a business environment, and also the versions that are available within those for what we want to do. So that's just something to keep in mind.
So Microsoft is very much looking to push what I've titled here
the whole package. That's what that's what they're looking for. Basically the whole packaged and Microsoft have this thing where they're looking to become the best in class for pretty much any cloud service effectively on. And that's effectively what they're trying t do here that they want to give the best in class office APS now
It sounds weird, they say, the best in class office APS, However, there are other office type
air quotes, environ programs that were available out there and cloud environments as well.
Eso that there's, you know, open office Liber office. There's lots of different types, but Microsoft want to be the best, and they want to show you why the value that they give you is worth the money that you should pay them effectively. But don't be fooled. There are multiple options, but we're just focusing on Microsoft. 365 For this one
or right, let's move on So quick. Pop quiz 1st 1 of the Siri's proper one anyway. Not the test one that we had in the last video. Let's have a look. What's product has Bean recently renamed to further integrate Microsoft's offering? Now I did mention this while we were looking around Microsoft website.
So think about the products that you might have used in the past and what you might be using. Now
they have already renamed it.
Have a think pause the video. Come back in a few seconds.
All right, If you said office 365 you would be correct. Now you can keep this in mind. You can still get office as a standalone package. However, it has now reverted back to the old naming convention, so you might see office, home and student 2019 that we mentioned before, for example, so you may see it
currently still called Office 2019.
But that may change in the future because Microsoft have constantly and renamed things in recent years. So keep that in mind while we're going through.
All right, let's wrap up then. So in today's video, we discussed the components of Microsoft 365 So that was obviously the APS that we covered as well on the online services that were included
in that front. The value of Microsoft 365 So we looked at the different subscription models on that front There, on the actual subscription option, Names said these were basic
Andi standard
a swell as the stand alone.
So those are the ones to keep in mind. All right. I hope this is video has bean educational for you. I'd like to thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next one.
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