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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video, we just went over a brief introduction to this course
and this video. We're gonna talk about what a brand is.
So most of us should be familiar with various brands. Right? So we've probably all seen different advertisements for, like, Pepsi or Coca Cola, maybe certain snacks like Cheetos and even a social media that we use right things like YouTube linked in
CyberRays, a brand. So we see it all in our daily lives, these different brands
and some of them are product recognition, right? So if I see a can of Pepsi, I know what that is. If I see a bottle of Coca Cola, I know what that is. I see a bag of Cheetos. I know what that is. If I go to YouTube, I know what that is, but that's all branding, right. It's all
the company trying to show
the particular message that they want you to understand, right? So, as an example with YouTube, I know that YouTube is about videos. And if I didn't know that YouTube's done enough branding to then educate me that Hey, yes, all we are. We're about videos and, of course, advertising stuff, too, But mostly here. Hey, come here. Watch videos. It's where one stop shop
to learn every anything that you want via video.
LinkedIn is branded, right? So if I want to go make business connections, I'm gonna goto linked in instead of Twitter. So every single thing out there, every company has a particular brand.
Now what a key aspect they do is that they personify that brand. So most of you should recognize this guy right here. Ronald McDonald right for McDonald's. So most of us, if we had seen this kind of weird looking clown out there, but it had the m on its uniform, we would know. Oh, that's Ronald McDonald. That's part of personifying the brand,
using an individual
to make the company more relatable to everyone else. Right, Because people don't buy from
Pepsi, right? They buy from all the ads Pepsi does to show like, Oh, look, you know Beyonce's or Halle Berry or somebody is drinking a Pepsi. I should drink a Pepsi to so I could look like them.
Oh, look, Ronald McDonald is part of McDonald's. I should go by happy happy meal because he's having fun dancing around with a happy meal. I want to have fun. And by the way, that's a real life example from when I was a kid. That's why I wanted a happy meal, because I saw they were having a lot of fun on the commercial.
And then, more recently, we've got people like Jake from State Farm, right? And in fact,
I'm actually connected to someone from State Farm on linked in. And there actually is. There are people there named Jake, Not not this particular guy. This is an actor, whatever or some employees. But, um but anyways, ah, I I kept asking that person about that side bar there.
So these airways that a company personifies or brand right, they find an individual or as an example, we've got state form here, but flow with progressive insurance is another one. The little get go with Geico is another one, right? So all these little things they don't have to be a an actual like real life person. They just need
to be something that
people can relate to to associate that with the brand. So that way, potentially the whole goal is to increase sales.
What does? Why does this all matter to you? You're trying to build a personal brand. Like who cares about these corporations, Right. Well, the same thing here, right? You're finding your message, which we'll talk about finding your why in the next video.
But you're finding your message that you want to do or you want to Some send out
and that's gonna be your brand, right? So think of yourself as Rana McDonald. Think of yourself. Is Jake from State Farm? Think of yourself as Flo from progressive or the get go from Geico. You know, whatever thing that you want to kind of associate with their But that's what you're doing with your personal brand. You want someone to see your name
and associated with the certain thing, and
for the most part, you want to be a positive thing, right? So I want someone to see my name and associated with,
uh, someone that gives back to the industry someone that educates people, someone that is trying to help people improve their lives.
So as I figure out my why and started focusing on how to brand myself in specifics,
I'm thinking through that because I want people to see my name or see a picture of me and automatically think those things. And that's what we're trying to go with here for a personal brand. We want someone to see us see a picture of us, Yes, at a conference, whatever.
See our names someplace and say, Ooh, that's the person that does this. That's the person that's really good at this, right? So let's say you want to be, Ah, Web application pen tester, Right? And you're really, really good at birth. Sweet. So you start putting some courses on cyber about birth suite,
and all of a sudden people start seeing your name and they associate that with being an expert at birth suite. Now, when a company that you want to work at says, Oh, I need somebody who is an expert on birth suite, they think of you first and say, Hey, are you interested in this job? I had seen you applied for something else a while back, but we just had this thing open up. That's how it works. And that's a whole rationale behind personal branding, right?
We want to convey a message every time someone sees us a picture of us or they see our name someplace. We want a certain message to automatically come through for them. So again, thinking back to things like Jake from State Farm, Rana McDonnell with McDonald's those Every time we think of those things, we automatically think of that company. And we think of
whatever commercials we've seen for that company.
So this video is just a brief one about what brand actually is and why we even care about when we're associating a personified brand from a corporation. Why that even matters to us. And in the next video, as I mentioned, we're gonna talk about finding your why.
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