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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to lessen 5.3 Off Model five. Off this car stated, is a receiver one Microsoft Azure architect design
here the objectives that will cover in this video.
We'll start by introducing Web for containers,
and then we'll give a review off as your half service. This is because we're about four containers is a functionality of other half service, so it makes sense for us to review some of the functionalities off the on the line service.
Well, then talk about some features and functionality is off as your Web app for containers.
We'll talk about multi. Contain a Web Austin When he's in this option, let's get into this. Let's talk about weather for containers for some minutes.
So Webb up for containers is a functionality off the as your half service that we already know about.
So what is functionality allows us to do is that we can easily deploy Han run content advised applications on Windows and Lennox host that, perhaps of issues is without having to directly manage the host themselves.
So what is also means is that we can take advantage off the beauty in load balancing on auto scaling capabilities off a job service. Actually, we can take advantage off all the order which functionalities built into as your half service.
What are four continents? Supports the automation and simplification off continent image deployment through continuous integration and continuous deployment capabilities, with Docker Hope on as your container registry.
What are four containers? As I mentioned earlier, it's the functionality of the hijab service. So a lot off the capabilities that it, as it comes from the capabilities that has perhaps, service, has
has. Your observe is, as we know, is a platform. Other service, which means that we don't have to concern ourselves with infrastructure maintenance, like always patching or capacity provisioning that's manage for House by Microsoft.
A drab service is optimized for Austin Web applications on mobile application back in. So it also makes sense that if we're going to be running containerized applications on this service, they should follow the same pattern off. Being a Web service or a mobile back end
has Europe Service also has options that allows us to deploy into an isolated virtual network, and that's called an abscess vis environment.
When it comes to the features off Webber for containers
we mentioned earlier.
But as you're absolutely supports Austin, our Web applications on Windows or Lennox costs
and what this means when we talk about Continent physician is that we can run Windows only knots based containers on this service
now, which we gets the deployment options. We have two options.
We can hear the do a single continent deployment option, which can be used to deploy a single application that running in a single container.
All we have the doctor composed option,
which allows us to deploy solution based on multiple containers using the doctor compose file format,
the godless off the deployment option that was select.
We can deploy continent images from different image sources. So, for example, we can deploy images from the actual content of registry, which allows us to host our own private images in Hajer, or images that are approved by our organization.
We can also deploy images from the dock, a harp,
which is the official Dockery depository, which support it. I private or a public mode and as you're up service supports both months
or we can deploy directly from another private registry. Is option allows us to be able to use other private depository as long as they're vegetable by as you hop service. As mentioned earlier, weather for containers also support automation and simplification off
continent image deployments. Truc I City Capabilities
and the way perhaps of his dusty says that it's gonna create an association
between our hap service
on dhe the selected depository, so that our applications are automatically updated each time that this sauce container him age is updated in the repositories.
We can then should do performance and quality tests in the staging environment on we can use order functionalities of ice, perhaps of it's like deployments lots to swap Stijn and damage to production environment within seconds on, even to row back previous visions with doubt. Any downtime?
Now, the final point that I have on the slide. It's more of a use case rather than a feature.
Dysfunctionality allows developers toe exercise more control, not just over the application called, but order environmental options. So where that Mrs, as a developer, you're looking to deploy a Web application and mobile back end?
Well, you're going to be using some different packages off one time frame walk or two million.
That may not necessarily be supported natively on the boats that, as your half service uses
as you were about four containers, maybe the option for you.
Let's look a little bit more had a multi continue deployment option that we mentioned earlier.
So this option uses a docker composed file format,
and you then this option. We can deploy Web applications that are composed off multiple doc affirm it formatted containers to a single veteran. Mission hosts. Now that is very important to understand that this is not orchestration across multiple posts that something like communities can offer.
So, for example, if we deploy a multi content application on a job service on a skeleton event, because
instances of a multi Contin application will be created on different virtual machine host without any integration between the container instances that are running on individual host,
so what? That means his diet is recommended to use order as your service is. For example,
if we're also now Web applications from the NASA, continue on as your help service. We can use a Georgia the base for my sick well as just a quote database for data needs, and it also helps to optimize for scale and performance
Now. That being said, here's some supported application patterns that we can use when talking about multi continent scenario.
For example, Austin, a service container on a data base container running on the same hosts,
Austin, a service container, and it did a base cash container running on the same post or Austin. A proxy container is service container on a database container of running on the same host. But that that's the main thing that we need to emphasize is that it for single hostess does not do or castration.
This brings me to the hand off this lesson.
Thanks very much for watching, and I'll see you in the next lesson.
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