VTPv1, VTPv2, VTPv3 and VTP Pruning

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Welcome to this Cisco CC and be switched 101 on five example up Siri's mine, Miss Full Pension Ali and indeed is every sort will focus on VT. P V T P stands for real and from the particle, it's Cisco proprietary. It basically carries well, and information between switches varies with TB. Versions are available version tree being the latest
on one of the key difference between version two forces version. Tree
War gentry supports extended villains, whereas in version two you would need to run the switch in transparent more if he wanted the support extended villains Threatt supports Authentication
Apostle it is carried is in, and the five hush configuration revision is incriminated. Whenever of Leland Change occurs,
the switch is gonna check its configuration revision
whenever it receives a VP message.
Every switch sends out of E. T. P Summer advertisement every five minutes. We have various BDP Moz, the default being the server.
In the claim mode, you would not be able to create a remove. A villain from within claims mood in front spirit mode.
What ignored a villain advertisement, but it would forward the villain and 40 cemented order switches. Also, there's off, which effectively turns off E T p a. Knocked as though it's in transparent mood in VTB abortion free.
You were the same to switch the primary rule, which would manage all of your real on creation or removal. The default mode for VT diversion tree is secondary, meaning you can't create a removal villain within VTB abortion free by default, you would need to promote one of those switches as the primary VT Tea server.
VP Prune in reduces the monk of traffic that is sent between your switches.
For example, if you have a switch with a port, a saint, the villain five and you have another switch,
which doesn't have any port inside a villain. Five it would not make sense. The sandy villain five. So VT pruning were dynamically prune off the villain from going to switch, which doesn't have any ports assigned that that particular villain. I'm gonna bring up a lot. No, so we'll see how you would set up. VP will settle BTP between Anna like or one
on an Y axis one. Using the fast Net 10 22 from N Y. Core one's perspective
on fast 0 24 on N Y. Access one's perspective for us. I'll set up trunk in between the two switches. So positive video real quick and set up trunk in So I have set up trunk in on the faceted 10 22 interferes from N y. Core one's perspective on these are the commands, which I used to set up drunk in.
So for us, let's look at the V T p status.
The modus at the won by default on the VP domain name is currently sentinel. Additionally, under feature villain,
the default mode is server
on the maximum villains supported local E. R. 1000 and five. So we'll set up the TV version two before we set of e t p N N Y core one. Let us up over there and why Access one and see it's V t p configuration. So I go over there and white core one and set up the VT Dome in there
on the commander's VTB domain, Andi stressed Friday. VTB domain name.
We got a message. Tell Mother the VT Domain name was changed to CCMP also, we'll change the version, too.
Now we can see the VP domain name has been changed to C, C and B in addition
to diversion were no run in version two.
This common show villain brief is gonna show us the villain databases in a brief format. So I'm gonna hop on over to N Y. Access one on Jack. It's VTB configuration now.
Awesome. What you'll notice is an y axis. One got the VTB configuration from an Y core one dynamically,
and we didn't have to come over and manually change the VP dome in or a diversion on N Y Access one.
And we can also see an anti access one. I did only as well and one on the order default villains. So I'm gonna go back to and why core one and create the villain.
Great. So now we can see we learned to exist
in an alike or one that's hop on over again y axis one
or a villain was propagated across from N y. Or one over to and why Access one.
Oh, both switch our weed B servers by default, so I'll configure and y axis one to be a VTB client
on the Commander's VP. More client.
No wonder in the future, villain section. Now we're seeing the VTB operating mode is set the client, or if I try to create a villain for within the client mode, you will see we get an error.
And it's telling us at VT. TV land conflagration is not a load when the device is in plain mood. So when you're setting up your switches, ideally, you would want one every switch to manage all of your villain creation on deletion
on your access, which is you would want them to be running in client mode. Additionally, if I go to an interferes inside of y axis one on, specify a villain here.
Now, let's say specified a villain that doesn't exist. We can see the command was entered successfully,
but if we look at the villain that obvious,
we're not seeing villain eat anywhere inside of N y axis one. So just keep that in mind when you're configuring the villain at the ports up configuration level, you want to ensure that the villains are created in our keys and why access one is inclined mood so it would not be able to create any villains
you would have to create a villain over on n Y core one. Let's go across Backed and white core one.
Now let's say we try to create an extended villain from the inside of an Y core one. Currently, we're running VTB version, too.
We can see that the command executed successfully, but when he exits on the villain database configuration mood, we get air message. Tell us feel to create villain 1006. A reason being extended villains are not allowed in the current GDP mood. So if we want to work with extended villains, we have two options.
Weaken Ida changed the VTB mode, the transparent or we can configure PTP version tree. For our purposes. We'll configure BTP version. Treat the Confederated diversion free
specified tree. Here we get a message telling us about the villain configuration file.
It was detected and red. Okay, version free files will be with me in the future. Let's try to create an extended villain using version. For
now, this message is still another villain. Configuration is not allowed when the device is not the primary server for a villain. Data bees are basically what it means is in vtb Vortgyn free. We need one switch to act as the primary server, which is going to do all of the villain management, such as creating a removing a villain
in order to set the switch as a V T p probably so rubble for organ tree. You have to do it from privilege. Exact mode
on the Commander's V T P
primary in Specify the feature, which we wanna conficker for the V T P primary mode. If we press enter by default is gonna configure it for the villain feature. Get a message telling us that Switch is becoming the primary server for feature villain. I were prompted. Do you want to continue Press center? Great.
It's a notice, which is a primary server for a VTB version. Freak
on Under the feature of Leland Section Primary Server next to VT. P. Operate in mood and we could see the Virgin Sea Street. No, we can try to create an extended villain.
We can see the commands executed successfully without any messages. This time
I would consider a brand new villain 1006 inside of the wheel and eight of these.
But if we go across the n y axis one, you would not see this villain. The reason being because an Y Axis one is running VTB version, too. So we need to change the VTB version to treat the much and like war one here inside of an Y axis one. Great. So now we can see
well in 1006 inside of N Y. Access one. Additionally, we can set up a password. The command show VT People's Word would display the password that it's currently set up
President Lee. No pass or discord and be set up
to set a password with easy to command of E T. P. Password No. One option that is new to VTB. Virgin Tree is the hidden option
in the previous video abortions such as VTB version, too.
It would not be able to choose the hidden, but then VTB abortion free. We can choose the hidden. What the hidden does is it creates, ah, hush of the password, which we entered saying the previous abortion. When we see the show BTP password common, you would see the plain text password. There's also the secret option,
which we can use the underpass sword, and it's encrypted for him.
If we note the MD five digests on N Y core one
The last 40 x Foresee a non n y access one. The last word is zero by ***
No way much the password from N Y. Axis one on Now when we run the show BTP Status Command
MD five digests The Last four crafter Much is by default PTP pruning is disabled
to set it up with the cynical man V T p pruning and that is gonna turn on VTB pruning Know we conceive e t p prune in mood is set the enabled on. If I go across Bhakti and why access one? If it was VTB version, too,
then a Putin would be enable across the dome in. But because it's VTB vortgyn tree, you need to manually enable VTV putting on all of your switches. We have a post assessment question. Which command says the switch to be reporting the servant for a domain in VTB Borden tree. The answer is B V D. P. Primary. There's lecture. We worked with V T. P.
We looked at the V RSVP fortunes on the features. In the next video,
we'll focus on that one Q trunk and this is Philip in Shinano and thank you for choosing savory
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