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Now we introduce you to VPN (virtual private network) and the VPN concentrators. You'll learn what a VPN does, what type of security it provides and to whom, where the VPN concentrator is most helpful. [toggle_content title="Transcript"] The next topic we look at is VPN concentrators. In today's world we have lots of users working from home, lots of users working within other organizations and need connectivity periodically to their own internal network. First practice we talk about is the use of a VPN, a virtual private network. When you must have remote connectivity to your internal network, you need to use a virtual private network. The VPN, virtual private network ensures that your traffic moving across the internet is within a virtual tunnel, such that malicious persons on the internet cannot eavesdrop on your network communications. They cannot eavesdrop on your network communications, hence, keeping your network communications secure. Packets coming through the VPN will be encrypted. These packets cannot be processed by certain devices on your network, your printer, say for example a user is printing, the printer cannot handle encrypted traffic or PCs, some PCs cannot handle encrypted traffic, hence, we need a VPN concentrator. The VPN concentrator is a processor robust device, memory intensive device that can do encryption and decryption of the packets as they come in and leave the network. The VPN concentrator facilitates the decryption of the traffic, making sure that traffic going in is decrypted and it ensures that traffic going out to the VPN is encrypted. If you have multiple users, this device can handle that traffic and not slow down the traffic moving through to the network or to the internet. The function of the VPN concentrator is to facilitate encryption and decryption of network packets as they enter the network or leave the network. [/toggle_content]

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