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Rj45 Straight, Crossover & T2 Crossover We continue our examination of Rj45 cable with a detailed explanation on its pin configuration. With the Rj45 the opposite end pin connectors do not always numerically connect to the same colored wiring standard, for example where the 3pin connection originates from a white wire may connect to a 4pin at the other end of the wire not a 3pin. Therefore you'll learn about Straight, Crossover and T2 Crossover Wiring color standards apply to all cable speeds (Cat3-6) the Rj45 cabling family and how they match-up. We'll diagram how each pin-to-wire color arrangement is used and why there must be distinction. For example, Rj45 Straight cable will only be used between the router and workstation and its pin-wire arrangement is always 3pin-to-3pin on the same wire, which is what defines straight because with the same pin number is connected to the same wire color on both ends. In the Crossover or T2 Crossover, that is not the case.

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