Truth vs. Loyalty: Equipment Theft

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you know, work colleague, Take Cem decommission company equipment to an e waste recycling facility. After you finish unloading the waste disposal, he noticed that your colleague has several Pete additional pieces of equipment still in his car.
You ask your calling about it, and he says that he works to restore the hardware and gives it to political community college for them to work on.
You're not aware of any agreement between your employer and the colleague to allow this?
Should you report your colleague to your manager, or do you keep this to yourself?
was. Listen, we'll think through a couple of things here. Number one star with the gap in the gathering about. All right, let's talk about how we do that. Yeah. So for me,
if I report them to my manager,
they're probably gonna get in trouble, right? Agreement place. First thing I'll ask them is Hey,
do you actually have, like, permission? Did you get Did you ask somebody like, is this cool to do? You know, I understand. It's for a good purpose, right? Is what it sounds like.
But do you actually have permission to do this? Because there could be data
on those different devices that hasn't been sanitized for anything. That because we're assuming that they're going to the waste facility. Sure, it's gonna be done there. So there's a lot of things to sort of think through there. But I would always start with that, employees, because
if we're going together, more than likely, we have some kind of report, and I can casually ask hate leaf. Do you actually have permission to do that? Is you ask somebody. You gotta like a document or something. You know, it sounds kind of asking, you know, And then I could get that response from there If I don't get a response, sir, that you say it's none of your business. Then from there,
I'm probably gonna have to do the flip side, right? I have to go to my manager and say, Hey,
I noticed this thing occurring, and
I just want to see if they got permission or not. You know, I just wantto let somebody know, in case they don't decide, right? You know, um, so that's that's kind of what I would be thinking through there. I might be a little bit
like, different on this like an angle that you could D'oh
is you could go to your manager or a jarring to say Oh, yeah, I heard that were partnerships with local community colleges. I'd love to help.
Right? Which ones do we have a right to say what you're talking about? Yeah. Yeah. Then then then then you have the information, right? You know, if they're being truthful or not right in their situation,
so I might start their just cause like, um, then, like, you know, because I always love helping out the community anyway, right? Like, so that would be great. Like to be able to do that. But it also tells you immediately whether or not you're
your colleague is telling the truth or not, Right? Like so you can immediately know, like, oh, like,
huh? All right. Okay. You took some company equipment, and you're restoring it, right? Like
if if this exists, they're gonna You know, your HR, your manager will know about it. And so you condone
you can find out something without telling on the employees.
Exactly. Right. And so that's that's kind of the way I go about it.
Thoughts on that does that make sense or essence. Yeah, um, and then from there, like, let's say, like there is a community college program. You probably just need to dio the next level of the investigation there after that, right? Like so say that you're
hr or your manager says, Yeah, you know, we have a great program. We work on their hardware.
Okay, Um,
how would you Still you still need to go one more layer down, right? Because you still don't know if he was supposed to take company equipment out right on top is how does that work? Do we, like, fix things here, fix them up, and then they're shipped to them, right? We deliver them howto
How does that work? And if they say, Oh,
we take we ship them all there with it with a known carrier like FedEx, for example.
And then from there, like, they've got volunteer staff that come in and they actually upgrade everything, and then they go ahead and give it to the students that I know that that employee is not doing what they're supposed to do it right. And I don't have any proof that they're actually taking them to the they're just telling me they are taking over the community college that could be selling my eBay or
and was on or whatever right has refurbished. Yeah,
that gives me the next layer layer down to be able to see How does the process actually work? Yes, there's a process. But how does hurt, Actually,
and that makes sense. And
yeah, I mean, I think I think you'd be right to be, like, really concerned about this, right, Like, you know, for a variety of different reasons.
And, um
and then, yeah, like, you know, you figure out the entire process how it works, and then
and then let's say, like, okay, like, they come back. They're like,
you know,
Floyd is the, you know, involved in this program a super passion about it. Um,
And then you find out that the method by which he was
taking the equipment to the local community college was inaccurate. So he was supposed to send it, but
he was, you know, he was driving it.
Then what do you do?
Uh, you know, I think that's something that you you probably need to address. I would probably address it with them like A I wanted to get involved in this. So I asked, how can I get involved? They told me like this is the process, but I noticed you're driving it there.
Has a process changed your You know, our what's what's changed with that. And maybe he's like, Yeah, we couldn't get FedEx in time, so I drove it there on Saturday to make sure the students had it for Monday morning. Yeah, there's some other scenarios there. So maybe he had a one time permission from, like a chart
to do that, right? I mean, I'm just not aware of that, So I would probably start with him
to see what has changed in the process and just say again, I've
I want to volunteer in this. So they kind of gave me the brief summary of things they said They ship it there, notice you take it there. Is that what they mean by shipping or does the fed ex or whatever?
Yeah, it makes sense.
Yes. So I think gather as much information without speaking to colleague again is basically the answer, right? And, uh,
and then determine, like what you would do from their cool. All right,
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