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Troubleshooting Theory Welcome to Cybrary's CompTIA A+ course and today we explore the subject of Troubleshooting. The lesson begins by defining what Troubleshooting is, and then it nicely explores all the concepts associated with the thinking and strategies of performing troubleshooting tasks and how to affect solutions. Troubleshooting has a systemic process to it that includes automatic steps, a flow of tasks to eliminate and confirm information, applied logic and required knowledge of the product or device and "everything" that interacts with it, AND then documenting each and every action, test, assessment, outcome, etc. Upon completion of this lesson, you'll understand how to put all these disciplines and bodies of knowledge together to be a critically strategic thinker in performing troubleshooting, developing solutions to technology problems/issues, and why documentation is the make or break aspect of how successful your troubleshooting effort will be.

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Diagnosing system malfunctions and finding a solution is an important skill for help desk professionals to develop. Expand your knowledge of the troubleshooting theory in less than an hour.

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Anthony Harris
Systems Analyst and Administrator at SAIC