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Troubleshooting Printers Part 4 As we close out this lesson troubleshooting printer issues we explore the tools used to help us resolve and repair some of the common problems that materialize with printers. At the completion of this lesson you'll know how to use a printer maintenance kit and what components can be repaired vs. replaced. For example, the fusing assembly unit is a component that must be replaced, a page counter is a function that is capped for high use and will recommend use of the printer maintenance kit when reaching a given high use page count threshold. The Printer Spooler is software driven and you'll learn how to use and manage it to troubleshoot a variety of printer related issues. Compressed air is a tool that has very specific protocols for it use such as NOT turning it upside down and holding it a specific distance from the target surface. We explore why it's an effective tool and caution the ways it can be harmful if misused.

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Anthony Harris
Systems Analyst and Administrator at SAIC