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Troubleshooting Operating Systems Part 2 As we continue examining OS issues, we talk about compatibility, performance issues that can arise from updates, hardware, or a failure of some type and how to resolve those issues. Several good examples include installing software that isn't compatible with the Operating System, or what happens when there are too many applications running, what happens when a file fails to open, or a GUI interface displays incorrectly or doesn't launch at all. You'll learn how to diagnose these issues and where you can apply work arounds to accommodate them. For example, using a virtual machine solution to run incompatible software, or booting to Safe Mode to correct device, boot sequencing or correcting OS settings.

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Diagnosing system malfunctions and finding a solution is an important skill for help desk professionals to develop. Expand your knowledge of the troubleshooting theory in less than an hour.

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Anthony Harris
Systems Analyst and Administrator at SAIC