Troubleshooting Laptop Issues (part 2)

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Troubleshooting Laptop Issues Part 2 Now we'll examine intermittent wireless issues such as being at the end of the WAP, installing bridge, interference on the same frequency, and you'll learn what cross talk is and if/how it can be avoided. We also discuss mis-toggled keys and battery issues such as incorrect voltage on the wall outlet, no or inco...

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Troubleshooting Laptop Issues Part 2 Now we'll examine intermittent wireless issues such as being at the end of the WAP, installing bridge, interference on the same frequency, and you'll learn what cross talk is and if/how it can be avoided. We also discuss mis-toggled keys and battery issues such as incorrect voltage on the wall outlet, no or incomplete battery recharge or battery charger's has been swapped.

Video Transcription
next, we have intermittent wireless. Now, intermittent wireless means that our network connectivity isn't working quite right. Maybe our laptop isn't connecting to our wireless access point or it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting or we're dropping packets. And this may be because of a couple different reasons.
Um, one of our first reasons, maybe that we're at the edge of our wireless range
now. Our wireless access point can only push out a radio signal so far. And if our computers at the edge of that range that we may notice some intermittent connective ity issues, we may want to test this by moving closer to our wireless access point. Or if we have power settings in our wireless access point that we've
throttle down the distance the power that our wireless access point is pushing
a signal. We may want to push those push those backup if we've set them down so well, one will want to check and see for the edge of our range of our wireless access point if we are, and we can't push our power settings up anymore that we may need to think about installing a
ah bridge or repeater or traditional wireless access point
in order to allow us to connect better at the location that we're at.
There also may be interference going on now. Wireless networks do push out on different frequencies, and some of these frequencies, such as 2.4 gigahertz, are very crowded frequencies. We have hand handsets, microwaves, garage your garage door openers that'll work on this same 2.4 gigahertz frequency.
Now when it's
we're running on this frequency. And if we're around a lot of these objects that are pushing the same frequency than we made getting be getting some interference from them. And this interference may be causing some connective ity issues. We may be also so in a situation war were around a lot of other wireless access points. And maybe there's some cross talk going on
or we have some overlapping channels on our wireless network.
This is maybe especially prevalent if we're in a say, an apartment or four in a Bill I office complex, where there's a lot of different offices that have wireless access points set up, these can all cause interference. Now our interference there may not be too much that we can do about it especially if we're in an office complex or if we are in a
apartment building.
But there are some things that we can dio. We may want to go ahead and
investing at wireless router that works on ah wide channel spectrum, so it uses more than just the standard three channel spectrum. It actually creates a large dual band, and this may give us less interference in a wider channel spectrum toe work with, We may want to check and see
about manually check changing the channel
that are wireless routers working on manually. Changing the channel may help with increasing our connectivity and reducing amount of interference, but we will need to download special I saw four, perhaps on our laptop and check and see what frequencies and what channel some of these others wireless routers air running on
so that we can change ours to be a better channel
in terms of not conflicting with these other wireless routers,
we can also go ahead and purchased the different wireless router that runs on say a thing. If all of the wireless access points near us are running on 2.4 gigahertz frequency, we may want invest in a wireless access point that runs on five gigahertz or maybe 2.4 and five gigahertz. So we want to do our do our research,
do our investigation into
what type of frequencies, what type of channels people near us are running on and then use that information and use the knowledge of what our own computers wireless network interface card can handle in order to get a better idea of what wireless router we should purchase and install in our area. Then we have our wireless antenna issues.
Now our wireless antenna in our laptop is typically
in our monitor, and what we mean by in our monitor is
well on. An antenna works best when it has a larger area that is covering typically in a circuit. So our laptop monitor works perfect for that. Rather than having our antenna in the base of our laptop, we usually typically have our wireless network interface card in our laptop base,
and then we have our antenna going up
and into our monitor and around the edge of our monitor, where we don't have our screen.
This helps us get a larger range on our wireless and gives us better ability to connect and better ability to send and receive signals. So we want to make sure that our wireless antenna are lid on. Our laptop isn't angled at a weird angle. This may cause
a little bit of decreased signal reception
we met. We want to make sure that our wireless antenna isn't having issues. Maybe we've recently done some work on our laptop monitor, and we may have inadvertently harmed our wireless antenna, so we may want to check that. Then we have a wireless antenna on our actual router that we're connecting to,
depending on the type of antenna on the router and where it's pointed.
We may want to change the direction of the antenna on a wireless router or may want to replace it with a say, rather than an omni directional antenna that shoots out a signal everywhere we replace it with a parabolic that only shoots in a particular direction towards us. So our wireless antenna and wireless antenna placement Congrats, Lee effect
our wireless connectivity
and then we have a wireless toggle switch. Ah, lot of our laptops come with hardware, wireless toggle switches in order to allow us to have a way rather than an Internet are, rather than a setting inside our computer to manually and physically turn off our wireless. Whether this is a switch on the side that we toggle back and forth, or whether this is a function key,
they both provide the same feature that essentially turn off our network interface card or wireless network interface card.
So we may want to check our wireless toggle. Make sure that it's not, say we bumped it a little bit in this sort of stress straddling between off and on. Or maybe we bumped it toe off, and this wireless switch may cause some additional network and activity issues.
Now we have a battery that's not charging. We all know one of the best features about having a laptop is the ability to unplug from the wall and be being able to take it with you. That's probably one of the primary features of a laptop is being able to unplug it from a wall and take it around with you.
when are batteries that charging this puts us at a severe disadvantage because we need to find an outlet we need to find a port to plug our laptop into while we're moving around, and this severely limits our ability to move around and stay mobile. So we want to check and see if our rechargeable batteries have potentially gone bad. These rechargeable that batteries do have a life span,
so we need to make sure that
they haven't exceeded that lifespan. Or maybe they were incorrectly charged once, and this is shortened their life span. Or we've done a lot of discharging and recharging of these batteries, so they may need to be replaced. We can go on our manufacturer's website if we want to buy a recharge on additional battery, a new battery pack for our laptop.
But one of the first things we may want to do is actually go on our computer,
check our pattern power settings and check our battery help. Our battery health will give us a good idea about where are rechargeable battery is as faras, how healthy it is and if it needs to be replaced. And if it does indicate if I pat. If our battery help does indicate that we may want to change those batteries,
change that rechargeable battery pack, then we can go purchase one
and then replace it into our laptop.
Next, we have a the incorrect charger. Ah, lot of our charges nowadays for our laptops looked very similar. The ends that plug into the computer may look very similar, and they may even work on our laptop. We may plug them in in that, and our laptop will work with them. But if it's the incorrect laptop, if this charger was made for a larger or smaller laptop,
then we're not going to be getting the right voltage to our battery.
While this will allow us to work, this will allow our computer to function while plugged into the wall. It won't actually charge our battery because because our computer knows that if it's trying to charge the battery with an incorrect voltage than where we're gonna run into some issues with our battery health down the line, so it's gonna not charge your battery,
so we need to make sure that we're using the correct battery charger.
Maybe we have another laptop in the house that we want to check and see if the battery chargers got switched. Or maybe we have a friend or a roommate. That we have in the house that
they're battery or their laptop is very similar to ours or the same are the same manufacturer is ours. So you want to check with them and make sure that they didn't inadvertently pick up our charger and we picked up theirs and thus our batteries and charging properly
and then, lastly, the wall outlet voltage Now for plugging into a wall and we're not getting the proper voltage out from a wall, then this is going to affect our battery charges. So you want to check and make sure that we aren't having any electrical issues from that outlet. Maybe try plugging it to a different outlet and see if it's charging our battery properly.
So by checking our
charger, checking our wall outlet Voltage and making Charl rechargeable batteries aren't going bad. These may help solve battery recharging issues. Next, we have a ghost cursor. Now, a ghost cursor is when we're just typing on our computer, and we're working on a document that requires our hands to be on the keyboard.
And as we're working and as we're typing, all of a sudden are cursor moves. Maybe the cursor moves or Maybe it clicks in. It
taps a different window on this could be very aggravating. Well, typically, this occurs because our touch pad is being overly sensitive. Now, when I touch PAD is overly sensitive, it may think that our poem resting on an area of our key of our laptop next to our touch pad or maybe passing over our touchpads sensor area.
It's actually our finger resting on the touch pad,
so we need to check our touchpads sensitivity levels. We need to check and make sure that we're not resting our poem on the touch pad, and these may help reduce some of this ghost cursor. Now, if this becomes a very
an issue that is getting on our nerves, it's becoming hard to avoid. We tried adjusting our touchpads sensor sensitivity level, and it's still not helping. Then we may want to check and see about updating or changing, and our uninstalling and reinstalling are touch pad driver. Sometimes the incorrect touch bad driver
can also lead to issues with ghost car, sir,
because it's not taking our sensitivity levels into account very well, and it's still being overly sensitive. Even though we pushed our levels down
if we do, if we have a laptop where our touch pad is located in an awkward position, where when we're typing our palm has a tendency to tap or hit or rest on the touch pad. And this is also called causing some of our ghost curse or issues that we may want to look into investing in a small wireless mouse. These wireless,
these wireless mice,
we could plug one into our laptop. We consult the driver, and then we can actually go into our settings and weaken disable our touch pad. This will then allow us to use the wireless mouse to control our Kirsten movements on the screen and weaken tight without having to worry about our touch pad having over being overly sensitive or touch pad causing issues for us.
Next, we have no power.
So let's say we have our computer and we plugged it into the wall way, have our battery inside our computer, and we press the power button and we get nothing.
We don't get any fans spinning. We don't get any blinking lights, so we may get a blinking light or two and then they go out. But we know that our laptop, for some reason, is just not getting power.
Well, some of them, one of the first things will want to check is checking our battery and checking our cable. If we're on our using our laptop and we're just on battery power, we're not plugged into the wall. Then the first thing we want to do is try plugging in a cable, employing ourselves into the wall.
If we're plugged into the wall and we're getting the same issue, we may want to try moving to a different wall outlet or plugging something else into that wall outlet. In seeing it. That Wall outlet is working properly. The wall outlet isn't working. We may also notice that we don't have a light on the small transformer box on our power cable. Our power cables cute
typically come
pose of two different parts the part that plugs into the wall in the part and then the small cable that plugs into our computer. And then we connect these two parts together at a box junction, and typically that that small box has a L E D. Light on it that will illuminate if it's receiving power from the wall and will be dark if it's not.
If we don't have that light on there, then though, we may want to check the wall outlet with saying the typical response is,
Can you plug a lamp into it and see if the land comes on or try moving to a different wall outlet that we know is good, like one that we have plugged an external monitor into and try and see if that one's working and if that will allow us to receive power to our laptop on issue, that's a little bit worse than this would be our motherboard circuitry.
Now, if our motherboards circuitry has gone bad, if the electronics inside of our computer have gone bad
and it's not
receiving, are pushing power like it's supposed to, then we won't get anything, will press the power button. We will get a response, so want to go in and we'll want to After we check our battering check, are charging cable and make sure that both of those components air good, make sure that they're plugged into a good wall socket.
Then we may want to consider that issue might be with the motherboard circuitry
next we have our numb lock. Now, we talked a little bit about num lock when we talked about sticking keys. Well, our num lock light on our laptop means that our num lock is enabled. Our num lock on a standard keyboard would allow us to type on the number pad and be able to not have thio type
the numbers that are above
the letters on her keyboard on a lot of laptops. However, we don't have an additional number pad. Our number pad is sort of integrated with the keys on our keyboard, with all of the keys on a keyboard having ah standard letter.
So we have all of our corti letters and white and then on the right hand side of our keyboard. Some of our letter keys also have number keys on them in orange or different color. When our number, when our num lock is enabled when our num lock is toggled on because we don't have a number pad,
those keys on the keyboard that have a number on them are going to become like our number path.
So as we're typing and we're trying to type letters, we may be getting numbers. One thing that we can do to check and make sure that we don't get this issue is check and see if the NUM lock is enabled and if it is, turn it off and then our typing should return to normal.
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