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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome back to Sai Berries. 2019 Conte. A security plus certification purpose. Of course,
we continue our discussion off marginal to
and the topic of discussion will be domain to technology and tools.
We have a brand new objective. We need to highlight doing this particular video, which is 2.3 and its title. Given a scenario
Shar wishing common security issues
The first item our agenda is a pre assessment quiz. What you determine is this statement either true
or is it a false statement?
And it reads as follows.
Social engineering does not explore individual character in a situation that they do not that they are not used to is that true or false?
The correct response is called true, such and then what it does explores the individual character in a situation that they are not used to.
Here again are the objectives which encompasses again the topic of discussion, which encompasses this particular objective. Which title given a scenario, troubleshoot common security issues, we will be discussing unencrypted equipment credentials. That's what's clear text.
Take a look at take a look at the term call certificate issues, mis configuration and so forth
in this section where we're going to begin the price is actually taking a look again and address the issue of troubleshooting common problems that can exist on your network
and harvest their some steps that you need to take from a proactive stamp on so as to mitigate their possible again the devastating effect of these issues.
We look at unencrypted credentials or clear text
basic. These texts are a security risk as they can be intercepted by a pack of sniffer or a protocol analyzer. We should be using an authentication protocol, says Cara Balls that is encrypted
and then encrypts the data as is in transit
Weblog Event anomalies. A great tool use is called this security information invent mansion or SIM system. What it does for that automates the collection of the log files from multiple whole servers and network devices, such as your firewalls in real time to identify potential risk or Taliban uncertainties
they could be present
to you are presented to your particular network.
We have permission issues. Permission is in currently set up and give using more permission, and they need That could be a A really issue.
So what we have to do it to find ways to try to mitigate that another. Areas access violations Now access violation where users access and debtor that they do not. They are not allowed to access.
So normal what we can do. We can audit. They use account permissions on a regular basis. We can act likewise going back here to our permission issue, but we might want to do away. To mitigate these permission is obviously, Pirelli conduct what we call audit that use accounting permissions on a regular basis. Same thing holds true when you haven't access violation.
Another proactive step. You can engages call audit to use account informations on a regular basis.
Now in terms of certificate issues, which again is another big issue when you have an aspire certificate again. A spice certificate Warnings are journalists paid and communication often revert to insecure, such as https to http. We also untrusted certificates.
If a certificate is invalid, has a spot or isn't working properly.
Your brother warns you that that's this week Identity. Other words can't be a verified meaning. It's untrusted.
We also mismatch certificates. Not typically. This occurs with a common name off the sand of your again. Otherwise, we're looking it out. SSL TLS certificate does not master domain or the act address bar in that particular browser.
Another big interest that occurs is this particular issue. Listen here, where there's a remove of data without authorization. Now this can be carried out by steganography, and then way to prevent this would be to use a staple firewall too deeply inspected that pass that as it passes through it.
Five Becoming larger and image become a lighter. Are symptoms off? Ah, probability of someone engaged in what we call steganography.
Another big area of concern is Miss Configuration. Configuration is a central part of every application. Mis configuration can happen with any device from your firewall, the content, filter, your access point and so forth.
Now, when you look at a firewall and Miss Configuration firewall can be dangerous as having no foul at all.
Ah, content fit on one hand, a Miskin Miss Configured content field would allow unauthorized traffic, obviously, to enter your network. When we look at access points, when you have a Miss Configure access point, their type of security surface that are the easiest to breach
and it's also if obviously, if it's detected in a timely fashion,
continue on with some additional topics. In regards to giving us a narrow, troubleshooting common security issues, we go take a look at weak security configurations as well as various personnel issues that you have to continue it from time to time.
Now, when we look at weak security configurations,
you can put your organization obviously at risk
again. A lot of time would be because of a design floor configuration errors such as not changing a default password.
This in itself can make again pose a security risk to your organization.
You can troubleshoot different scenarios that happen
and obviously can you lies. Bone scan is a great way to find out what are your weaknesses that exist within your network.
Another area of major concern is personnel issues.
Now I'm personally involved issues with people, typically policy violation. A posit violation happens when a user it violates the organisation policy.
Your biggest threat is not from the outside from within your own, and hence the term inside a threat. This is a person within your organization who engages and malicious activity on behalf off someone else.
Social engineering can be best be described as art of manipulating people so that they give up confidential information, which include that password, bank information or access to their private information.
Social media basic can present a negative impact on the overall performance of your personnel within your particular organization.
We all said to take a look at personal email. We can use some form of what we call data loss prevention templates, the purposes of events since the P I information from leaving your company by virtue of email.
He again at some addition, objective
that fall within this particular objective against some topics of interest, such as unauthorized software, baseline deviation, nicest compliance violation and so forth. The first item is taking a look at unauthorised software. In this case is suffer program application that is deemed inappropriate and obviously should not be allowed.
A baseline deviation is the starting point, and organization common use in terms of security to provide a known starting point for their systems is like. For example, when you set up your servers or setting up something you don't have you what we call your initial baseline security settings and obviously
acid threats. If we know we're well, a well. They've become much more sophisticated,
and it happened more often. We need to go back on what tweet does what we call those initial security baseline configurations.
Then we have what we call license compliant violations. Now, obviously, in this case, many organization use third party license management solution to manage their license. Such a solution could help you figure out if you need MAWR license and if you can, all you in fact compliant with the license requirements. Other words.
Asset management is obvious solution. To track your assets, it will have. You will have a database and lightning use barcodes for all your physical assets, which could be scanned end by what we call a handheld scanner.
Then we have authentication issues. That is, the prices of validating identity arrested using before allowing them to have access to your protective resource is authorization is a process of validating that the authenticated user has been granted permission to access the requested resource is
this brings us to our post assessment quiz
and again, what you need to do is determine whether or not this that this particular statement is either true or false,
and it reads as follows. An unauthorised software is a software program application that is deemed inappropriate and not allow. Is that true or false?
If you said, Let the chill, you're absolutely correct on this particular quiz here,
let's not turn our teacher toward a key. The key takeaways from this particular
We learned that unequipped credential clear text our security risk as they can be intercepted by a pack of sniffer or a protocol analyzer. We also learned that the baseline is a known starting point, an organization common use secure baseline to provide known starting points for their particular systems.
We also learned the Asset Mansion involves managing your heart when you imputed your phones and software such as licenses
well, so is discussed on authorize software as well,
and our upcoming be there will be moving on in terms of taking a look at a brand new objective, which is 2.4. We're just tired of giving a scenario.
Analyze and interpret output from your security technologies. I look forward to seeing you in a very next video
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