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Transport Encryption Next we look at Transport Encryption, or the process of security data as it moves across the network. This lesson diagrams a general VPN network and shows the interrelationships of nodes and users to demonstrate how the Transportation Encryption process works and where that encryption takes place and why. [toggle_content title="Transcript"] The next topic we look at is Transport encryption. Transport encryption guarantees confidentiality for data in motion. While we are sending data across the internet, we need to ensure confidentiality for this data as it moves across the internet. Periodically we could have remote users working from home or third party or other company's locations and they have to communicate with their internal networks. These communications are being sent across the internet. As we know many people are connected to the internet today. Good guys, bad guys, everybody has access to the internet. So what we want to do to ensure confidentiality is to use solutions like VPN, SSL-Secure Socket Layer; this guarantees end to end security between the remote users and internal network servers. When we use VPN-Virtual Private Network. This allows organizations to create a tunnel through the internet, a virtual network so that information stays confidential to all the other people on the network. That way, the information is sent via VPN to the internal networks. Usually on such architectures we could also have VPN concentrators to ensure that everything coming in to the network or traffic are encrypted because certain devices in the network cannot process encrypted traffic, so all traffic is decrypted as it comes into the network. The VPN concentrators also ensure that all traffic getting to the VPN is encrypted. That way, confidentiality is assured as communications move across the internet. So it is best practice to encrypt our traffic, otherwise people on the internet could eavesdrop on our communications and thereby have unauthorized access to the content of such communications. A VPN is best practice used in this strategy. [/toggle_content]

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