3 hours 55 minutes

Video Description

In this lab, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio demonstrates the Social Engineering Toolkit (SE Toolkit) that is built into Kali Linux and can be found by going to the Kali Linux Application Menu or by launching a command shell and going to User Share. In this Part of Module 4 you will learn how to

  • run the SE Toolkit
  • trick your target into signing into a malicious Web site so that you can obtain their credentials
  • use Web site attack factors
  • perform SE attacks such as spearfishing
  • trick your target into providing credentials by using the credential harvester
  • use the tab nabbing tool
  • use CTRL-SHIFT-T to open a new tab in your browser
  • use the various templates
  • choose the proper Web server for your activity
  • clone a Web site to use to trick your target
  • use the tiny URL Web site to streamline your process
  • understand the security risks of using the tiny URL Web site
  • communicate with your target to trigger them to go to the cloned Web site
  • authenticate to the target's true Web site using their own credentials

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Instructed By

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Dean Pompilio
CEO of SteppingStone Solutions