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This lesson covers time management, specifically the schedule management plan. This establishes policies, procedures and documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing, and controlling the project schedule and provides the guidance necessary for how the project schedule will be managed throughout the project. [toggle_content title="Transcript"] Welcome to Cybrary. My name is Vincent McKeon and I am the subject matter expert for the project management professional certification. Today we will be going over time management. Which is one of the ten knowledge areas for the project management professional certification. For the project management certification at a high level, there are five process groups, ten knowledge areas and 47 total processes. The five process groups are initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. The ten knowledge areas are integration, scope, time; which we'll be covering today, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement, and stakeholder. All these processes come together making 47 total and they are categorized by process group and knowledge area. As you see all the knowledge areas, all ten of them, make up the left. All the process groups are on the top and we are going to go over time. If you notice there are six processes that make up planning and there is one process in monitoring and controlling. The six processes in planning are plan schedule management, define activities, sequence activities, estimate activity resources, estimate activity durations, and develop schedule. Under monitoring and controlling, you are just going to control the schedule. Let's start off with plan schedule management. Plan schedule management: all knowledge area consists of a plan and how that knowledge area is to be developed. This is just like every other knowledge area; this one, though is going to be called plan schedule management. Compared to all the other knowledge areas where it's plan whatever that knowledge area is management. This process creates the schedule management plan and the key inputs are the project management plan, the project charter, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets. We are going to see a lot of enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets. What are they? Enterprise environmental factors deals with the culture of that company. Organizational process assets are what that company actually owns and can provide you as the project manager to complete that process. For this process, plan schedule management, a project manager will use expert judgement and analytical techniques and meetings to develop the schedule management plan. So your output is the schedule management plan. What is it? It establishes policies, procedures, documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing, and controlling the project schedule. Provides guidance and direction on how the project schedule will be managed throughout the project. As we talked about the inputs, the project management plan, I like to think of that as the binder, that contains all the other plans for each one of the knowledge areas. The project charter is how the project gets started. It's the documentation that authorizes the project manager, and it keeps high-level requirements. Why is it an input for time? because you have to know when the project needs to be complete. It is usually mentioned as a constraint in the project charter. Tools are expert judgement. Expert judgement is exactly that. It's having the expertise in that area. It could be an expert in developing schedules or whatever project that you are working on. It could be expertise related to that. Another tool is meetings. It's keeping people to gather and discuss the project and how it relates to time. [/toggle_content]

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