Video Description

In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio defines the Social Engineer as someone who influences people to take actions that may not be in their best interest. You will learn that intrusion by a Social Engineer relies on:

  • psychological manipulation
  • facial expression
  • body language
  • misdirection
  • emotional highjacking

The SME discusses why SE is performed and describes SE attacks: how and where attacks are used, who does them, how people respond, and how they result in 100 percent success in physical breaches. You will learn about categories of Social Engineers, who the "natural" Social Engineers are, and what a Social Engineer's goals are (detailed below). Categories of Social Engineers - average citizens

  • governments
  • recruiters
  • posers and scam artists
  • disgruntled employers
  • identity thieves
  • spies
  • penetration testers
  • hackers

"Natural" Social Engineers - children

  • job seekers
  • bar patrons
  • sales and marketing personnel
  • interrogators
  • polygraphists

Goals of a Social Engineer - entertainment

  • ego gratification
  • entrance into or enhanced status within a social group
  • knowledge
  • power
  • social cause
  • money

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