The Importance of Physical Security Controls

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Hello and welcome back to Siberia. 2019. Cop Tia Security Plus Certification Preparation course.
We'll continue our discussion of Marginal my three, which in fact ist obeying three and the topic of discussion will be architecture and design.
We have a brand new nothing objective, which is 3.9, where we have to explain the importance of physical security Controls
continue on this discussion.
Here again are the topics which encompasses 3.9, where we had to explain the importance of physical security controls. We begin by looking at lighting, talking about signs.
Events in all of these items here, in fact, enhance your overall visible security.
Let's not turn our attention toward a pre assessment quiz
now. What you need to do is determine whether or not the statement here is in fact a true statement or, in fact, a false statement,
and it reads as follows.
Basically, we're referencing what we call a proximity card in a specific thing that is not a contact lists device. What a smart card is put mirror the proximate card device to gain access to the door or building is a true or false statement.
If you said let the false. You're absolutely correct, because approximate card is a contact is device where smart card is put near the proximate car device to gain access to a door or a building.
One of the first thing we need to understand. Particularly when we look at this particular president, we have to think about I embalming controls such as your heating or ventilation. All these things are very, very important.
They again, these techniques used what we call hot and cold owls
beyond the importance of hardware, software and configuration. You should also be for me with the physical security controls,
visible school control deal with the security of your office and your data set of your employees as well as your physical assets.
One. Another thing that's very important, particularly think about our physical security is looking at lighting.
A new name and area so that could be viewed at the dog is obviously important thing that we need to form a security control procedure, particularly looking at physical security
signs. Also useful. Securing your facilities were like listed on this line here.
Personnel noticed personal use of company computer subject in termination.
Then we have offense and I gator cages fences you a tall, permanent structure to keep individual from maintaining again. Other words for maintaining our security.
We can also implore security guards. Obviously, they are very effective at safeguarding your particular facility.
Alarms is also ineffective physical security control that we should do. Remember we employ in a process called a layered approach in terms of security
and the purpose. That is, if someone able to circumvent one aspect about security
the next openly, the next layer. What happened? They get caught up in that next layer in terms of being caught. What the case may be,
we also have safe, safe. They're used to store the most valuable or irreplaceable objects.
We also implored Secure cabinets enclosures because they are useful again for lightly securing items that you perhaps items you don't want like that may have to walk away if they left unsecured.
We have protected disposition and protected cabling system. The cable conduit that is used to protect classified information being transmitted between two between to secure areas is very important as well.
We have a term called Air Gap is a physical seven taste of a computer or network from the Internet or another insecure type networks. And when I implore air gapped vault distribution now, I didn't get This is a physical segmentation. For example, you might have a sensitive server connected to a land
in Atlanta is not connected to your device or network that has access
to the in it.
We can also improve the technique of a man trap. Man Traps is designed to separate a non secure area, form a secure area. A matchup device monitors and controls two interlocking doors to investable.
Ah, fair decade isn't a closing that blocks electromagnetic fields
continue on without topic of explained and put in the physical security control. Let's take a look at some additional objects or topics, which encompasses this particular,
not an objective.
We're totally about lot types.
barricades or ballots,
tokens, cars as well.
Take a look at environment controls, its H back hot and cold hours and so forth
again. There are different types of locks that we can employ, so there's a deadlock are not block a dark block as well as a camera. And these are different things that we can implement from a physical security perspective, because there many different types off lots each with this screens as well as various weaknesses.
We can also implore biometrics
now. It means by which it what a person can be uniquely identified by evaluated one arm or distinguishing biological traits. We can do it through voice recognition or other words. Faso type recognition.
We can also implement barricades, a barricade Julie designed to block the passage of traffic.
We could also implored token causes were token, and cars are often small wallet size or smaller cars that employs used to gain access to buildings, parking garages and other type of facilities
In terms on Dominica chose provide typical Joe and by my own protection for your facilities is something else that we can employ.
An H Vac system hips without developing into service in the data center insurance that they don't overheat. We can also employed look at the layout in terms of Dennison over time, but the hot and cold, how that could be used to reduce the heat By managing the outflow. We can also make sure you have adequate fire suppression system,
which again this attempt to reduce the impact in the event that we should have
a far in our facility
continue on with the importance of physical screwed control going. Take a look at cable locks, screen filters, cameras, motion detectors, logs all way down to our key management. Obviously, employing cable locks are good for securing your individual assets, such as your computers, your laptops, your banks, your cameras on any other small equipment that perhaps the one
might really pick up.
We have screened filter. The screen foot is a monitor screen that overly that dramatically reduces the feel of feel off a mantra or screen. Basically, when you put it, put that screen on that computer monitor. It makes it difficult for people walking by or character looking over your soldiers is actually see the screen
cameras again are used to capture activity around your facility. You can gain the benefit of being able to replay the activity later. Potentially happen to track down responsible people and particularly if you have an incident was to occur.
We could also employed a technique motion detectives. You can sit there long when you leave the facility. Any motion detected there after it's considered malicious, and what happens is that alarm is actually activated.
Perhaps another important areas logs. Logs could be talked. All of your physical security solutions, such as your badge readers, your biometric readers of visitor logs that are used to manual insight in to a facility
we have. Also, infrared detection basically is a technique that reacts to infrared radiation. The two main types of detectives are thermal and platonic.
Other words. Photo detectors the thermal effects of the incident Incident Radiation can be followed through many temperature dependent on the type of phenomenal. So again we can utilize that type of technology really to secure our facilities, infrared detection
and that important areas. Key manages the process. Imagine all the keys with the physical security manager is the price of the mansion keys. Often we talking about physical keys
such as to the building or massacre. But Key man also extend to our digital keys as well.
At this point time, we have our post assessment question, and what we need to do is determine whether or not the statement here is actually a true statement or a false statement, and it reads, asked falls. Laws can be tired, toe all physical security solutions such as badge readers, biometric readers and visit a law used to manage the sign into a building.
Is that true or false
if you send it to you? Absolutely correct, because logs, in fact, can be tired. Toe all your fiscal security solutions, such as your badge readers, biometric readers, business laws used to manager Sign into your particular fit. Silly.
At this point time, we have some key takeaways from this particular
video. First, all illuminate an area so that it can be viewed at the dark is important from a security perspective. Signs also useful for securing your facilities as well.
All can be tired of all your physical security solution, as mentioned earlier, such as your badge readers, your biometric readers, visitor logs that are used mainly signed into your facility.
You can also set that long when you lead a facility. And so what happened is we have a motion detective type system in song. What happens if something mind moves in there after you shut the building down on security? Billy, what happens along will go off, and authority will be notified.
A screen foot is a martyr screen overly that dramatically reduced the feel of you off the mark or screen other words, it produces the like. If somebody is passing by being observed, what's on your screen?
Cameras to capture activity around your presented to gain the benefit of being able to replayed activity later, potentially happen to track down responsible people in an incident
eight back system where they do the hip to provide ability to service in a data center, ensuring that they don't overheat.
And our upcoming video will be taking a look at a brand new module, which is marginal before which in fact, is domain, for we're just tired of identity and access management.
They're learning objective. We take a look at. In the next video, we'll be title, compare and contrast, identity and access management concepts
again, I look forward to seeing you in a very next video.
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